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    Great 3rd and 4th year!  

    I saw from your previous posts that your cGPA won't help for McMaster and wGPA won't help for Toronto or Ottawa. So right now in Ontario your best shots are Queen's and Western. The thing that sucks about these schools now is how potentially subjective ECs can be. Even with good stats and seemingly well-rounded ECs many people do not receive interviews. 

    If you want to go to med school in Ontario, then opening up Ottawa would probably be the next easiest thing to do to boost your chances. One more year of school could boost your wGPA to a competitive level there. Second undergrads that are more employable include things like nursing (2 year accelerated), social work (1-2 years), and occupational health and safety (2 years) for people who have completed degrees.

    Dalhousie would also only look at your two years with 3.9 and you have a good MCAT score. Competition is fierce out of province even with a good connection to the Maritimes but all eligible in-province applicants are interviewed. It takes a year of living and working/volunteering there before the application deadline to be considered IP but it may be worth it if you would rather work instead of going back to school and want to increase your chances in anyway possible. 

    Living in Ontario is rough for admissions but you can do it, you've done so well! Best of luck  
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    I find that I often put in a lot of hours over shorter periods of time into my ECs and move on once I feel I am not gaining any more from the experience, usually after 6-12 months, as a result I do not have many “long-term” commitments (more than 1 year).
    What is more important, hours or duration?Would 300 hours over 3 months be valued the same as 300 hours over 3 years for Canadian Medical Schools? 
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