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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your advice!! I am beginning to understand that the GPA and MCAT is the top priority and the starting point but not everything. Intrepid86, I agree with you on the going abroad matter. If I am not a competitive applicant then it doesn't matter where I go. The goal isn't to complete the degree as soon as possible. It's to figure out if this path is really for me and then to prove that I can work hard and complete medical school if and when I actually get accepted. It's quite necessary to be real in this situation.
  2. How important is research experience when applying to Canadian Medical Schools?
  3. Thank you Mediocre2Med, I agree I am up for a long journey and it's going to be costly. I did study full-time during my undergraduate studies, but I don't have an upward trend or a year with a GPA above 3.7. So I agree with all of you that I need to pick a degree major of interest that would also lead me to a career other than med school.
  4. Thank you for your advice But what if I am not allowed to get another BSc. Then which degree options do you think I should lean towards?
  5. I am almost done my BSc in Biology however, I have an extremely low GPA around 2.33. Yes, I know that's terrible. I keep telling myself maybe I should choose a different path, but I just can't. I have been volunteering at the hospital for a few years now. I am not athletic and I have not been leading anything in particular. But I still want to be a doctor and now I am more mentally prepared then I was when I began initially. What can I do to increase my chances as an applicant?
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