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  1. @zoxy @FutureS hey I'm an oop applicant as well, did you get waitlisted as well?
  2. Curious to see the "MMI interview thoughts" in this thread
  3. Has anyone tried emailing to check the status of the waitlist?
  4. @bcpremed2020 Hey did you accept your offer on Monday? Apparently only one OOP seat is filled this far so wondering if that was yoh
  5. The Facebook group is at around 120 people already..... Is that a bad sign for us waitlisters?
  6. @zoxy what quartile were you if you don't mind me asking? I'm OOP waitlisted, in the third quartile
  7. Just to gauge how much the waitlist might move this year for oop applicants!
  8. Has anyone's verifiers been contacted post interview?
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