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  1. I applied to UBC last year and myself along with some others I know never heard back from them lol. waste of money to apply their if your not IP or super sure of your stats
  2. Hey I very recently declined it! Hopefully they will be calling another Waitlist person soon!
  3. WL got to #9 IP today! Congrats to whoever got in
  4. Hey guys I'm HWL and will be declining for McGill! so should see some movement soon
  5. WL is at 8 now! Congrats to all of us who have been accepted so far!
  6. Is there anyone who was accepté and will refuse their offer at McGill DMD?
  7. Is there anyone from the 2019 Dent-P class who knows if they are or someone in their class may not continue to DMD1 this year?
  8. Is anyone planning to decline McGill for another school? Or does anyone know someone who is??
  9. Ohh okay I’m sorry about that! And yes keep us updated please! Tomorrow is the last day to accept/decline right?
  10. They updated and this year they only admitted 19 IP!! honestly it’s really disappointing that’s three less that last year (22 IP)
  11. Est-ce que quiconque pour DMD mcgill refusera son acceptation?
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