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  1. meant to apply earlier but it got put off. worried its probably too late. im in third year should i still apply to mt. sinai or st michaels? wb emailing profs?
  2. I know. It what’s the typical score of a successful applicant? My friend says he’s never seen anyone with a flat 380 get in. Is it 385+ as average, or is something lower?
  3. With the new 127 CARS cut-off I'm able to apply to Western next year, I'm just wondering if 383 (128/127/128) will be competitive?
  4. It says that the extreme ends (low and high) have more in common than the middle.
  5. gnatcatcher


    i know it's off topic but still https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascadia_(independence_movement) the proposed flag is cool
  6. gnatcatcher


    do you support an independent cascadia?
  7. given your GPA the easiest thing to do would be to do CARS and Casper and apply to Mac
  8. that's not really the point. i dont care about girls. i just wonder if i'll ever get the chance to have a normal middle class life with a wife and a couple kids. i dont mind being single rn but i just have 0 prospects atm. if my life were to hypothetically stay the same as it is rn i'll be single forever lol
  9. imo you deserve to go to medical school but the process is dumb
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