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  1. Interesting. Do you know a source where we can see income stats for different provinces? I did a google search and it seems BC anesthesiologists tried to go on strike in 2012 due to low pay and the province bringing in too many international trainees. Did nothing come of that? That's pretty brutal that the province with the highest COL also has the lowest pay.
  2. I feel the exact same way. The thing that makes me feel better is that it's not just me feeling these hardships individually and that all us M1's across the country are in this together
  3. I'm in 1st year med and thinking a lot about pursuing anesthesiology. From what I've seen on HealthmatchBC and other job posting sites, the job market in anesthesia in BC particularly is AMAZING, there are dozens of jobs all over BC and other provinces seem generally good as well. There is even a new "clinical fellowship" program to bring in American anesthesiologists to fill vacancies. Does anybody know why the job market in BC is so great? Also, I'm concerned that if it's as great as it is now, then it might become saturated by the time I am done training. (especially if we are importin
  4. Can you describe a bit more about it? I googled it but I'm sure many people would appreciate a summary.
  5. Did Kamran offer to waive the 60k income requirement for the Passport Visa infinite? The scotia advisor I talked to told me it's firm :/
  6. Has anybody had success getting upgraded to the ScotiaBank Ultimate Package from the Preferred Package that is included with the Healthcare+ Plan? RBC is offering their equivalent top-tier package (VIP Banking package) with their LOC so I'm hoping I could leverage this against ScotiaBank.
  7. Has anybody received any communication from UBC confirming/verifying the submission of the post-interview component of their application? I submitted my passport scan, verification of enrolment, site preference form, and reference letters by the Feb 14 deadline but have not heard anything from UBC since my interview. Please reassure me!
  8. Does anybody have a comprehensive source for current public health issues in Canada? I am hoping to find something similar in format to the UWashington bioethics page that can lay everything out for me in brief summaries. The best I have been able to find is look at various periodicals ex: CMAJ, Andre Picard's health column and White Coat Black Art with Brian Goldman.
  9. There is a luck component but it isn't necessarily the subjectivity of the evaluation, it is also that the applicant pool can vary widely in terms of NAQ excellence/proficiency each year
  10. Hey! I'm also interested in joining. please send me a message
  11. Anybody studying for their MCAT in Victoria this summer? message me if you would like to meet up and study together
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