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  1. Hi @Real Beef do you mind telling us how many patients you have in your roster?
  2. I’ve looked at HFO a bit and seen some good opportunities.. seems like HFOs offer the best remuneration with better hours, just curious why you decided to go hard with FFS instead of looking at capitation models?
  3. Thanks Johngrisham, as you can imagine almost all the information I’ve found online is about doctors from EU, UK, Australia etc coming to Canada instead of the other way lol
  4. I have always heard the notion that Canadian/American MDs are seen as an international gold standard of medical training and can “work anywhere”. I am an EU/CAN dual citizen and MS1 and have recently thought of working in the EU after residency, either temporarily or permanently. Does anyone have any anecdotes on dealing with Canadian credentials being recognized in EU? (I am likely going into family medicine)
  5. From what I’ve seen it’s rare for rural hospitals to have a dedicated hospitality position. Instead, local GPs cover their own inpatients (round in AM and arrange cross-coverage on weekends) because the hospitals are usually too small to support a full time Hospitalist (ie. 10-40 beds). Rural fm is defined by its versatility of covering inpatient/outpatient/ER/maternity/etc
  6. I’m a med student interested in full scope rural fm (emerg/clinic/inpatient/maternity/addiction/etc) and I really like the idea of coming straight out of residency and putting my head down and working hard to pay off debt + put a bunch of savings away early in my career before tapering off to a better work/life balance. I’m wondering which province would be the best to do this? (I’m in BC where pay is decent but COL is very high, so am open to going somewhere else to make $$$ then coming back later) -I’ve looked at some of the contracts offered by the territories but they are kind of lack
  7. Im an MS1 but have had success by saying I’m a resident physician and putting in a pgy5 salary that I found on the carms website. They did call to confirm details but a med student should be able to navigate that conversation confidently. they so far have not asked to verify with pay stubs, tax forms, etc. ethical considerations aside.
  8. @JohnGrisham thanks a lot for all your insights, ideally I want to practice full scope rural fm with er/clinic/gp-obs and am thinking about trying to add gas into the mix. Have also looked at locums in the territories where there is a high need of anesthesia services, but hoping to be able to speak to Fpa staff at some point.
  9. I’ve also heard several times that RC anesthesiologists make their money from call and not the bread and butter, so wouldn’t this be the case for FPAs as well? If you’re on call q3 or q4 and are far from a major center + are confident enough in your skills/experience, couldn’t FPAs handle a decent amount of emergent ASA3 cases? Also as an FPA who does obs as well, Could you theoretically do epidurals on your own mat patients/deliveries?
  10. I’ve seen various vague anecdotes on this forum saying it doesn’t add much income and some saying it adds a lot, I’m curious what a motivated individual working a lot could add to their income with FPA (OR day shifts vs call coverage, compared to other fm gigs such as em/Obs). I want to work rurally anyway and I like anesthesia, but is it worth the opportunity cost of adding another year to residency? (even with moonlighting?). Also interested in other potential FPA revenue streams such as very northern/remote locums, pain clinic, etc. Have tried looking in the blue book but it’s hard
  11. I am looking at the FPA program and wondering if anyone has any info on the financial aspects .Curious to see what FPA's may be billing and how much is from anesthesia work (I'm in BC).
  12. Sorry to bump an old post, but do you see large community hospitals in BC (eg. Royal Jubilee, Victoria General) bringing on CCFP-EMs who’ve done the “practice eligible” route through accumulating the 400 hours/year? Or are “practice eligible” CCFP-EMs seen as inferior to people who’ve done the pgy3
  13. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on the new PMH/PCN system being introduced in BC. Basically it works similarly to FHOs in Ontario. Can be paid up to 330k for a panel of 1250 patients (number is prorated based on complexity of patients) with a minimum 1680 hours/year (37.5 hours/week with 8 weeks vacation). Can still do maternity, emerg, ltc, etc, and get paid for it outside of clinic. the PCN is also supposed to set you up with social workers, physio, other allied health but I’m not super clear on how this works. seems like a pretty good deal to spend more time with patient
  14. Does anyone know if GPs or CCFP-EMs are able to work in ICUs at rural community hospitals (5/6 beds) with enough ICU/acute care skills/experience, where there may not be enough GIM coverage? Anybody have any data points on this? I know CCFP-EMs can't do ICU fellowship.
  15. Are all 4 sites starting together in Vancouver? Or starting at the distributed sites like last year
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