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  1. TIME STAMP: 2:23 pm March 16th Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Regrets cGPA/wGPA: 3.87 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Research (not published), clinical and non clinical volunteering including some very long term volunteering commitments, started a successful non-profit humanitarian organization, executive member of a few clubs on campus, employment in an academic setting, physician shadowing experience, and a few more activities that I can't recall currently Essays: Spent about 1 month on these and had many people edit them. Thought that they were very well w
  2. I believe that there is 1 more wave left this week. After that, interviews will only be sent out if someone cancels.
  3. I'm guessing that everyone who hasn't heard back yet should mentally prepare for a rejection.
  4. Is there a particular reason why you want to match back into Canada? Do Family docs have a better lifestyle in Canada? I am asking from the perspective of a Canadian who will be begin med school in the US next year.
  5. I know of someone who received an interview at Mac, but got rejected from UofT in January. They have high stats, met all cutoffs, and have good ECs.
  6. I was accepted to a mid tier US MD school this cycle with nearly identical stats as you, feel free to DM me.
  7. yea literally me and most of my friends were rejected very late in march. Kind of seems cruel.
  8. I like the idea of this thread! I agree with your secret waitlist hypothesis, it would explain why so many people are rejected just a few days prior to the last interview date.
  9. Does anyone have any information about which banks give the largest LOC for Canadian students pursuing an MD in the US? This information doesn't seem to be readily available.
  10. @YesIcan55 I am sorry to hear that this is your 5th cycle, I 100% agree with you that luck is a massive factor in admissions. I also agree that it would be beneficial for someone to do a degree that leads to a job so that they have a good backup incase medicine does not work out. For e.g. some people that I know did a nursing or engineering degree before medicine so they have something to fall back on incase med doesn't work out for them. This is great advice for high-school students currently looking to go into undergrad. That being said, might I ask why you don't consider applying in the US
  11. I applied last cycle (I'm OOP) and scored about a 25 on the NAQ, I would need about a 35 to receive an interview at UBC. Last time, I sort of wrote mine on the last day and just rushed it in a few hours. This time around, I have spent considerable time editing my application and would appreciate it if someone can took a look and let me know how it looks or if it needs minor editing.
  12. If I'm going to be honest, I think that you were just horribly unlucky last cycle! You should get some interviews this cycle for sure even if you resubmit the same application as last year.
  13. I'm just an applicant like you so I can't say for sure, but I think that you have a decent shot at securing an interview from both Queens and Western (based on your stats). Just make sure you kill the interviews and you can definitely get accepted!
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone! I will apply to all schools where I meet cutoffs.
  15. I know this is true, but I tend to hear this quote more often when the chances of something happening are ridiculously low. LOL
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