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  1. One of my referees does not have a professional email address at her organization. Would this be a red flag? Thanks.
  2. An interesting thing I noticed in OMSAS guide this year was that for graduate applicants, it states that a minimum of 3.6 GPA (instead of 3.7 from last years) is considered competitive whereas for undergrads it is still 3.8.
  3. Hey, I don't think you can apply unless your GPA is greater than 3.8. Your accomplishments are really impressive but without the minimum GPA, your file will just be screened out automatically. With their new graduate GPA policy, it is nearly impossible to improve your GPA if you are in a research based degree.
  4. Thank your for your suggestion. I will definitely try this.
  5. Thank you for your response. That is what I figured, but I am certain about my verifies and references so I guess it leaves CASPER. It is frustrating not knowing how I can improve.
  6. Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing well. I had a question regarding U of A feedback letters. So, I received my scores and my stats vs those who were offered interview are as follows: My stats: GPA 3.79, MCAT 128.75, Personal activities = 6/17 Those offered interviews: GPA 3.82, MCAT 128.24, Personal activities = 6/17. So, I was wondering based on this information, what could be the reason that I wasn't even granted an interview? Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Hey all, Does anyone know how U of A uses graduate school courses? Do they just treat them as individual courses or is the master's GPA treated like an undergraduate year? Thank you.
  8. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the application process is for MD/PhD applications like in terms of GPA and cutoffs? I looked at their website and they listed that there are two streams (undergrad applicants and masters applicants) but no other details so I was wondering if anyone has insights on this? I am a masters student from Alberta btw. Thank you in advance.
  9. Does the MDCM PhD joint program has quotas related to the province? I am from Alberta and was wondering how my application will be evaluated?
  10. Would a 3.79 GPA be good enough to meet the cutoff. MCAT is 515. Thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know how Casper was used in this application cycle?
  12. Does anybody know how many IP and OOP applicants are interviewing this year?
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