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  1. lol imagine going through dental school only to find out later that it's not for you. Not a good situation to be in but it probably happens
  2. From what i've been told, they won't be too happy about it. If you're above 3.0 for the year they can't do anything about it so you should be okay.
  3. I think you're on the right track. Focus on content review and know the DATCrusher questions well, it's very similar to what appeared on the November DAT. If there's any subject or topics that you overlooked, now is the perfect time go over them. And if it helps, try getting yourself an analog watch asap. A lot of us got screwed in November since they didn't have clocks where we wrote our DAT.
  4. Ughh so jealous of you guys. I thought the interview went fine but I think I messed up at one point when I got nervous. Hopefully it wasn't a dealbreaker :/
  5. That's funny i saw the guy in front of me do that yesterday. The instructor told him to stop lol was that you?
  6. lol no that question wasn’t from bootcamp, it was off of Feralis notes which you can get online for free . I wrote the DAT twice and I noticed 80% of the content on bootcamp don’t apply to the Canadian DAT. Lol i mean cmon….Root-mean-square speed? Freezing-point depression equation, boiling point elevation equation? I spent so much time memorizing useless content on Bootcamp while crusher was saying they don’t apply to the Canadian DAT and they were right, none of them showed up. I still think bootcamp is a good resource but you only need it for biology (and those notes are available
  7. What happens if we leave that section empty? I haven't shadowed anyone yet...
  8. Bio - Went well, a few tough questions that I didn’t know (Detuosome anus formation etc). Chem - This section went well, maybe 2 questions that I couldn’t get. But just a heads up, it was NOTHING like bootcamps or destroyer. The questions were very straightforward, identical to Crushers. In fact some of the questions i remember seeing on DatCrusher’s tests PAT - Keyholes and TFE were tough and gave me the most trouble. The real test was harder than bootcamp and easier than crushers. RC - This one was a disaster. The first passage threw me off since it had 13 questions, luckil
  9. Just curious is this in the GTA? And what are ITDs, sorry i'm still a lowly undergrad haha
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