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  1. It's unfortunate because I scored very low in a course during my 3.62 year otherwise my GPA would have been 3.84
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses. So my GPA best three years is a 3.8 (3.78 + 3.62 + 3.95) I wrote the November DAT and I don't think I did exceptional but hopefully scored at the least a 20 in every section. Still so confused as what to do...I'll probably be writing the DAT again considering a lot of difficulties were not related to lack of preparation on content but rather the fact i studied using online materials and no printable versions so IT GOT ME REALLY messed up for PAT and i struggled with timing. I'm already in a gap year...I really want to pursue something next year, so I'm t
  3. I really would love to get into dental school in Canada. American and Australian schools will give me a crazy amount of debt that I can't handle. Im writing my DAT this November so I cant give an update on stats. However, I know my gpa isn't super competitive. I dont know if I should take more courses at the undergraduate level or complete work at a masters level. if I opt for a masters, which kind (course based/research based) and what topic would aid my application? I know a few grad students have gotten acceptances at UofT
  4. Hi, I have a 3.8 GPA (Best 3 years), I am writing the nov 2018 DAT.... if i do really well on the DAT is there any chance for me to get an interview at U of T? Should I consider taking a 5th year? Or a masters degree (what field?) If i apply this year and get rejected will it impact their decision if I apply again?
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