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  1. Hi, I am a pre-clerk and I have had a bad experience with a physician during one of my small group sessions. Nothing too horrible but we just didn't really click. This physician works with clerks in Family Medicine rotations. If I get assigned this preceptor during my FM rotation, is there a way to make my school assign me to someone else? I would rather avoid working with this person in the future if possible.
  2. Does pre-clerk stuff end up here in addition to evaluations from rotations? I know at McMaster we get a little blurb from our tutors for each MF. Does that end up on the MSPR as well?
  3. I mean its still the specialty you want,right? IDK, spending 5 years in a non-ideal location for the specialty you want doesn't sound that bad to me. Compared to losing this year and trying again next year where you may end up in a bad location anyways.
  4. After scrubbing in, how do surgeons deal with adjusting their glasses. I'm assuming they don't? Reason I'm asking is that my glasses frequently slip down my nose. It doesn't bother me but I imagine that would be a bit problematic in the OR. Should I just leave my glasses off? My eyesight is quite poor though in that I can't see stuff clearly without them (can't read stuff on my monitor if I don't have them on)
  5. I think OMSAS updated for me at midnight. Then emails from the schools rolled in at different times. I think one school (Western?) ended up sending the email in the morning which was the latest one.
  6. So getting braces isn't something I should hold off on then? I'm just concerned about getting stuck in a position where I'll have braces on but won't be able to go into appointments due to lack of weekdays available
  7. Do we get days off during weekdays though? Do post-call days ever end up on weekdays? (sorry I'm dumb)
  8. What I would suggest is to try organize social things for your small group (if you have pbl or small group learning). Board Games are a good one. Among us is also good. Helps to get to know each other in a non academic setting.
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