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  1. If it is McGill transcript, you don't have to do anything. It will be submitted automatically.
  2. TIME STAMP: ~12:05 (Didnt check from 11:26-12:05)  Result: Admitted with condition!! pre-reqGPA: ~3.7 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I walked out of the building thinking I could have done so much better and was wondering about redoing my pre-reqs for next cycle. I did/said some things that I felt, in hindsight, were very stupid. Was sure that I messed up 1-3 station really bad (incomplete, misunderstood, not enough content). I felt really good about 3-4 stations. Trying to keep it vague. But, everything I said or did was entirely me. I showe
  3. Congrats to those admitted!! @ridcullylives Thats amazing stats!
  4. We are almost there, now we are at the last stretch. In about 12 hours from now, we will be starting to get our results. It is safe to assume that most of us are going to go through some roller coaster of emotions. I just wanted everyone to remember how much hard work and effort we all have put into this application. Remember that you are an amazing applicant and attending the McGill interview is already an amazing achievement. Whatever the result is tomorrow, we don't have control over it and it is already determined. Keep your head up high and let's hope for the best!
  5. Whether it is Friday or next week, the wait is almost over. We have come this far. Now it is just a few more steps. Hang in there everyone. I hope we all receive positive news.
  6. Just to confirm, your status stays the same "Further preview Required" but the check list has the date of the documents when you submitted them, right?
  7. Yup that is correct! Submit ASAP, today is the last day I believe.
  8. In the other premed posts, people have mentioned that it is usually updated in the morning (around 10) but I think we should keep our keep eyes open the whole day. Since there may be delays. But the email will come at around 9 PM. Not sure if the email has the list of things you need to complete but I think the emails says that you need to check out their website (that is not public unless you have the link) which has the necessary documents you need to submit on Minerva as well as what to expect, dress code, etc.. Hope that was helpful.
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