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  1. I graduated from York (Biology program) and about to start my first year of medical school (Ottawa U). It’s definitely one of those things where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than anything based on any tangible fact. Some may argue its “easier” to get a higher GPA simply because York doesn’t have A- but every single person I knew who was either med or dental bound worked very hard and succeeded. ANY science major at York is rigorous (can’t speak for psychology though - I didn’t have any friends from that faculty). Everyone I knew was either in biology, biomed, chem etc and
  2. I had a similar situation so I used one of my clients as a verifier. Better anyone than parents and friends.
  3. Same thing here. I had a 4.0 but ranked 97th. This is because academic context is considered ie if you took 1st year courses in your 2/3/4th year etc. Also, perhaps Masters or PhD ranks you higher.
  4. Thank you so much. I’m surprised free engraving is even an option lol. It’s a great point re: mixups, especially if it’s $250..
  5. Sweet, thank you so much. If no rush, then I will wait on this for now. And wow, cardiology 4 is the expensive one — I was sure the classic 3 would do, but if that’s what they recommend then!..
  6. Hi guys, Just planning ahead here re: stethoscopes. I know that there's a rep from Littmann through which we can order the stethoscopes in September, but if the discount is as good as Amazon, then I might as well order it now through there. Does anyone know how much it ends up costing if you buy it through the school? Thanks in advance!
  7. The real question is... will we ever see the Krebs cycle again?
  8. I want everyone here to say outloud (yes say it, don’t just think it) that you WILL get there. As you just said, a couple of years in the grand scheme of things isn’t huge when we’re talking about pursuing your life’s dream. Take this as an opportunity, or another opportunity for many others, as a time to grow, to self-actualize, to pursue interests outside of just the typical premed activities. You won’t have another opportunity like this once you finally do get in. After medical school, it’s residency, it’s family (if you plan on having one), etc. Your entire life essentially will already be
  9. Asking all the right questions today hahah you’re on a roll my friend!
  10. Yes people that got off the waitlist have a week to respond.
  11. It basically says the deadline that you must accept the offer by as well as things like you must ensure completion of prerequisites by June 2019, maintenance of GPA, completion of the acceptance documents (forms, proof of citizenship, etc). It says you must respond by the deadline, so the documents must arrive at the office by the deadline as well as respond on OMSAS (the offer expires by the deadline on OMSAS).
  12. Thank you so much. Yeah I was concerned about those currently accepted or waitlisted. Logically, makes total sense but I'm always paranoid that somehow something might change because the competition is so tough. Lol
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