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  1. Ask the med group on facebook lol why here ? Lmao
  2. I feel for you guys on the waitlist ! The wait is a killer, hope you get some good news sooner than later
  3. Best to ask Marie-Claude with the admissions.
  4. Faculties of med and dent are yet to make an announcement. We switched to remote instruction after the march break, but we don’t know if it is gonna be same for the fall semester as well. Chances are high, but no official announcement as of yet. Hang in there
  5. @Starburst is correct. With some exceptions, applicants should aim for a 90+. You want to be in denial, be my guest
  6. You should have sufficient time to complete them. You won’t need them until you start (pre)clinic... unless you have mandatory dental clinic outreach, where you need to have them completed before you start. At Mcgill it starts some time in January.
  7. Can’t agree more. Also be wary of the ppl who are on the waitlist and would say all sorts of things to discourage others to go to “their” school of choice. Just food for thought.
  8. Give it a go this cycle. Your PAT could offset your AA for UofT. If you want to be on the safe side and you can commit again, write the Nov DAT.
  9. Has nothing to do with McGill ! Depends on you as a person. McGill is great imo, especially with the FMD component in place, you get to be far ahead of dental students else where. Not to mention the MUCH LOWER tuition and the great quality of life in Montreal.
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