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  1. I've written the DAT for 2 times now. Each time was during the school year so it obviously took more than a month to study. With the DAT being postponed this year, I am wondering if it would be realistic to study for the DAT over a month. I have nothing better to do during the summer break - I believe I can devote at least 6 hrs a day, if not more, and I am already familiar with the format as well. However, this is the first time I am studying for biology and chemistry portions of the DAT and I'm unsure how much time those portions need. Based on your experiences, do you think it would be real
  2. Hi all, is anyone getting the message "Address not found" when they try to send email to accept interview?
  3. Hello guys, I am wondering if anyone have any insight into this. Does the full-time requirement in McGill (8 courses over 2 semesters) a must-have to apply and be considered? It says so on the website but every school defines 'full time' differently - so if I was a full time in my school but not in McGill, would they still count it as full-time? I am debating whether it would be wise to even apply because there is one year in my transcript where I took only 7 courses (which is still considered full time in my university) and I'm afraid they might not even consider me as an applicant. If
  4. Hi guys! in the to do list, are we supposed to see something like 'Received transcript of grades to date' for the June 15 deadline? Mine only says UofA requested the transcript for me in April, doesn't say they received anything. I've requested my transcript to be mailed today just in case but feeling unsure.
  5. Thanks for your input. I will set my mind for Canada for now. But still just curious, can international students in Australia receive loans? Or is it somehow transferable from Canada?
  6. Hi, so recently I heard from the dentist that I shadow that it may be better for me to attend Australian dental school and start working early rather than completing my bachelor in Canada and then attending Canadian dental school, since completing university + dental school costs money. I am in my second year so if I do go to Australian dental school the following year, I would save 2 years during which I could work and start earning money. If I do get to attend Canadian dental school (whenever that may be), however, I would pay about half the tuition price compared to that of Australian schoo
  7. Do dental schools consider course load? It is not explicitly said on school websites, and I assume it is different for every school. I was considering taking an extra year in my undergraduate degree but after hearing that course load is considered by dental schools, I am not sure if I should do so. Regardless of whether course load is considered or not, is it recommended to take at least 5 courses per semester? If you guys think so, why? I am curious about this and would really appreciate if someone could give some information.
  8. I am in my second year in biology and I want to become involved in research this summer, even if the research is not necessarily my project. I found 4~5 professors who I have not met in person and are currently doing research on a topic that I find interesting and want to learn more about. Their research topic is related to biology but more an application of biological concepts in other fields. I have experience in the lab from previous courses, but not outside of those classes, and finished all science courses in my first year well with relatively high GPA (I believe I will be able to get the
  9. Hello guys, I plan on withdrawing from a course (which is not a requirement either for my degree and U of A dentistry) because I have been working hard to get a good or even decent grade in the course, but the grade is so far not good and it just seems like the course itself does not fit me. Will "W" affect my chance of getting into dental school? Another note, at my current university, it will show up as "W" in my transcript, but I'm not sure if that will be the same if my transcript gets transferred to U of A. There's a section in U of A website that shows grading, and I found th
  10. I noticed that Cliff's AP 3rd edition does not go that deep into vertebrate anatomy and physiology. Would you say that going over Cliff's AP 3rd ed is enough to cover that section?
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