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  1. One reference of mine said they were contacted and already had a call, another said he hasn't got anything. Third one idk about. Do they usually only contact some of your references?
  2. OOP applicant here... I've been told my references have been contacted for a meeting. Does this mean I will be either waitlisted or accepted? I'm confused because the application document says references aren't used competitively?
  3. Anybody know how much the waitlist has moved so far?
  4. Oh wow, the chances aren't as slim as I thought then! That makes me feel a bit better Thanks for your reply, and good luck with your interviews! (All 7 of them, god damn )
  5. Hey guys, hope your interview season is going well. I have an interview at USask as an Ontario applicant. I know the decision for OOP is 100% interview score. Looking at past years, it seems they interview ~60 OOP and ~6 accept. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of approximately how many of the 60 interviewees get offers? I'm sure it should be more than 6. Just feeling like I don't have a very good shot Thanks!
  6. Wow then thats almost everyone off the waitlist!
  7. Previous years it seems usually about 30 people get off the waitlist
  8. Does anyone know if its 45 people waitlisted again like previous years?
  9. Hey guys, Congratulations to all of those who got accepted and waitlisted! I wanted to start a thread for all of the people waitlisted so we can get updates and help each other out. Please state your stats: DAT/GPA/Year
  10. Waitlisted 3.95 GPA Interview felt ok, was pretty nervous. I am also wondering if its possible to ask our waitlist position? I feel like we should be given some sort of indication if it is likely we will get off the waitlist or not :/
  11. Damn I was hoping I'd know by tomorrow before my Western interview
  12. Invite IP GPA: 3.96-ish DAT: Idk I wrote it a while ago and deleted my scores, mid-high 20s for all parts Casper: Manitoba MD told me 60-80th percentile (amongst Manitoba OOP applications)
  13. I see McMaster listed twice there and for one it says "Inactive", and for the other it says "Received".. thats good I guess, thanks for the link!
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