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  1. I don't think its computerized whether you're an IP or not. I could be wrong though. Maybe do a re-check of your grades?
  2. Does anyone know if anyone got off at all since the last post? Seems super quiet..
  3. I really hope so! Ive given up so far but I really do wish it moves for everyone's sake.
  4. No no insider info, just from the stats and apparently Dal has said that most of the waitlist moves during the month of May since other schools release their letters. So, it just seems unlikely for anyone below the 71/70 score. Sorry didn't mean to stress anyone out.
  5. I hate to say it but I doubt that the waitlist is going to move that much anymore. Maybe 1 or 2 people max.
  6. Thanks so much for the update! Wow, maybe there is still hope? Can anyone confirm if they got off the waitlist
  7. Yes, the class of 2024 group. Oh so it has both 2023 and before? That makes sense. Thanks so much for clearing that up.
  8. Does anyone know if the fb group is indicative? I can see there's like wayyyy more than 124 spots. Any ideas?
  9. Ya, I thought about that too. I just find it so odd that we haven't heard anything.. I feel you!
  10. I guess nothing today Seems like I am going to be giving up hope for this waitlist to move ugh.... while other schools seem to be moving a lot more than Dal.
  11. Interesting... I wish they would let us know when the waitlist has moved or not. I have no idea about the affirmative action affecting the overall numbers but I would assume that it wouldn't because the numbers can vary each year and they aren't set numbers. This is just a guess! Thanks for the update!
  12. Seeing people in the Ontario schools get off the waitlist is making me wish Dal would happen too
  13. I agree, but at the same time wouldn't it be useless if they don't fill in the position since we need more physicians in NS. I think since the gov has already funded it then they need to fill it and maybe if they don't have enough people who meet the criteria then they still fill it out with others from NS? Just making some guesses here!
  14. Oh I see, so perhaps people have registered but will drop out? Thank you for the info.
  15. I am just wondering, does anyone know if you are automatically registered for classes if you pay the deposit or is it that you need to pick the class? Also what does the min and max mean here? Like do you mean some classes have a max of 34 people not registered yet and a min of 13 for others? Sorry about the questions, just trying to gauge if we are likely to see movement! Thanks!!
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