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  1. Probably one of the worst years for IP WL movement.
  2. Hopefully more movements up to the high 25s! Oui! Tu as raison!
  3. Most, if not all, MD programs in Canada outside of Quebec requires you to finish at least 3 years of undergraduate studies (some require a complete Bachelor degree before you matriculate to med school). This means you can NOT enter med directly after Cegep and will have to attend a university and can apply to med at the earliest after your 3rd year of undergrad. We don't use R score like Quebec schools but calculate GPA based on your regular courses and depending on the school, there can be different ways of calculating GPA
  4. By quite a bit, 38 by Jun 3rd, though I'd subtract 20 or so spots due to the government's last minute additional seats to Mcgill and other schools. Comparing to 2019 where it's at 17 by Jun 3rd, 2018 where it's at 23 by Jun 7th, and 2017 where it's at 8 by Jun 8th. 2017 happens to be one of the lowest year and unless a miracle happens, this year seems to be an extraordinary slow/tough year for WL.
  5. Still so slow :(( but I hope more movement near the June 15th date!
  6. FWIW, it might be tomorrow or after. When I received my offer, they said I have until June 3rd to make a decision.
  7. Deadline to withdraw from the offer and get back the deposit. But again, it's $500 so I dont know if its a big enough amount. Some might just don't care and would not mind withdrawing later even if it means losing the $500. That and July 1st for deferral requests. Idk, the past 3 years the movement has been quite steady and good and generally reach mid 20s by June 1st
  8. Almost one week but no movement at all and significantly slower than the past 3 years (forum is also quiet). Either there's a huge wave incoming or this is one of those years where very few got off the waitlist. See you all in June 15th
  9. Yeah it's really unfortunate, and I think there's definitely an element of politics involved as McGill is an anglophone institution in Quebec and the clash between the two languages and cultures remain a sensitive topic in Quebec to this date. And I agree, I also wrote the MCAT and my first language isn't English or French either. Sure the language barrier was challenging but not impossible so Idk, but I personally prefer having an MCAT as another metric than not (because then it'll be like Ottawa where everyone is mostly 3.95+ to be accepted). I'm not sure what's going on this year with
  10. Fingers crossed! Though that'd depend on QC residents writing the MCAT and Im guessing not many do write the MCAT? Unless there's a high number who got into Ottawa which doesn't require the MCAT and has its own French Stream
  11. There should be some movements immediately in the days after the 24th and 25th but then trickles down at the beginning of June according to previous threads. I believe you have 2 weeks to accept your offer on OMSAS if you get an offer from the WL.
  12. I mean seems like only 5-6 people got off (maybe a little bit more if they dont use this forum), but I'd expect more movement after Tuesday.
  13. Do you have another link to join?
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