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  1. I can't answer number 1 but for the other questions: 2. AFAIK, none of the Texas schools are friendly for americans, even private ones like Baylor (I know it's MD but yeah Texas tends to only favor Texans). According to this website, you will not be eligible to apply this year (must be either green card or US citizen) https://www.unthsc.edu/texas-college-of-osteopathic-medicine/admissions-and-outreach/admissions-requirements-and-selection/ 3. DO schools are generally more lenient towards submitting late, but I think it's still good to have it submitted early, which I think May 25th i
  2. Congratulations on your offer! I do hope it's a lag and hope there will be a lot of movement like the past 3 years (I'm at #22 so not sure how to feel)! So happy for you!
  3. Yes my apologies. My french is super bad so when I read discussions of APP (mostly at UdeM) I mistaken it for being equivalent first year of McGill med-P! I was thinking of prepatorie anee at UdeM
  4. I'm really surprised Med-P moved much more than Quebec University category considering making it to Med-P, you are at a much better position than if you were to apply from university due to competition. I wonder if other unis in QC also have the same program. I know UdeM has APP which is similar to McGill's Med-P
  5. I'm not sure, for me I personally am because the movement has been a lot slower than previous years + my current position in the waitlist is meh. Hopefully there will be more movements soon either tomorrow or Monday as the poster above said. I'm not sure why it's so slow given this year, the decisions come out much earlier.
  6. Is accepting the offer binding? Aka committing to the school or accepting the offer = holding your seat and you can hold other acceptances?
  7. Yeah, I don't know if there's a day to commit (aka only holding onto 1 acceptance) for either French or Ontarian schools. Je ne peux pas lire les websites français des Sherbrooke, Laval, et Montreal.
  8. Supposedly it did for Med-Ps but they haven't updated the website yet so I am assuming they will soon. Just hoping it moves for the University cohort The wait is pain.
  9. Haven't seen the waitlist updated in a long time.
  10. Genuinely curious to why Mac and other Ontario schools do not tell you your rank? At least in Ottawa and Western, you can know if you are in a good or bad list.
  11. Biggest mystery in Ontario school apps. No one knows how many get waitlisted, how many got off (prev years suggested around 100ish people decline offer), and what are our ranks. I'd like to know my rank if anything.
  12. From what I understand, waitlist movements are on a rolling basis. People have 2 weeks to hold onto 1 acceptance offer in Ontario, they can hold onto other acceptances in other provinces. After that, waitlist movements depends on people declining their offer due to circumstances or they prefer to attend school in another province/country.
  13. Same. I'm disappointed but I'm glad at least it's not an R...Just don't know what my rank is sadly.
  14. Damn I had that stupid button for Mac. Now have to wait until tomorrow . Hopefully at least a WL.
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