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  1. Program: MD Result: INVITE (how the hell....) Timestamp: 2:09 pm OMSAS GPA: 3.86 CARS: 128 IP/OOP: OOP Casper: Feels pretty meh. But somehow good enough for Dalhousie OOP and 1st quintile in Manitoba OOP pool!
  2. Probably, which is why the initial email (sent to me like way back in Nov) told me to mark down Jan 5th as an important date as GPA should have been up. EDIT: cGPA is finally up! Had to find a conversion table to make sure their calculation was correct.
  3. Heads up, apparetly they will be calculating gpa up until the end of jan. I guess there's a lot of apps this year.
  4. When I last contacted admissions they said that wait until Jan 5th and if your GPA is still not calculated, then contact them. Also my GPA is still not calculated because they weren't able to find one of my paper transcript until like Dec 17th LOL so it takes sometime. EDIT: Jan 5th, NOT Jan 15th. Imaged Attached
  5. Yeah, if you were marked as IP in the rejection email, you were probably verified as a QC resident. Sometimes, Minerva is kinda wonky so i woulnd't be too surprise it didn't show up. If it makes you feel better, you can always send an email to admissions to inquire. The worst outcome is that they say the timeline is variable and that they haven't worked on your file yet, etc. I think it's good to ask them if there's a day that they would recommend you follow up with them if the QC residency doesn't still get approved. Best of luck for you too in January!
  6. I don't think your performance on Casper has anything to do with whether your QC residency is verified or not. QC residency has to do with what applicant pool you'll be placed in. It depends on many things, your supporting documents, the situation that you are claiming for, who is the officer in charge of your file, whether your file is reviewed yet, etc. Even in my case, which is supposedly the hardest and most undesirable one in the 14 cases still managed to get through. I'll give it some time. You can always email admissions to ask if they can provide more information on your fi
  7. Finally got my QC residency verified! Can't believe we'll know by next month!
  8. Where did you find your QC residency status? Is it in the Checklist column?
  9. Just emailed admissions. They say not to worry about it.
  10. Yes, same! Would love to do some practicing!
  11. This is extremely disappointing. I wonder if they will use Fall 2019 grade as the grade for the entire year or are they just gonna exclude the year altogether...
  12. I emailed them and asked about what the predictive cut-off might be and their response wasn't too helpful: MCAT cut-offs are determined by the quality of the applicant pool and therefore may vary from year to year. We cannot predict what the minimums will be ahead of time. That information will be available once everyone within this year’s application cycle has been assessed and then determined. If you are uncertain whether your scores will be competitive or you feel you could improve your scores by writing the MCAT again, that would be your decision. Only application
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