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  1. Does anyone know what “MDR” would mean for mac ?
  2. Is anyone seeing rejections? Bc everyone seeing it so far has gotten offers.
  3. I also saw this on OMSAS but I'm not sure if it's a glitch. Is anyone else seeing this on OMSAS?
  4. Felt confident coming out but now that I think about it I feel so meh :/
  5. What seems to be of popular opinion on premed forums is that when we get ethical/situational prompts in a MMI, we should structure our answer like so: 1. Outline the possible solutions and the pros and cons of each 2. Propose your own solution and why it's superior (or at least explain it) 3. Summarize for your conclusion If any of you guys have marked MMIs before, what is your thoughts on this? I'm just afraid it can either sound too non-conversational, too structured, too generic...etc Thanks so much!
  6. Hey! Was interested in looking for a one-on-one practice partner for MMI. I go to Western but I’d be down for over skype practices too!
  7. I got an interview for Mac and I was wondering if anyone from Western or London would like to prep with me! They say practicing with a stranger is good!
  8. I got an interview invite for Mac! I was wondering if anyone wanted to practice for the MMI with me since a lot of people recommend doing so with a stranger. I go to Western so if you go there I would be down to meet up, and if not we could skype! PM me if interested.
  9. Hi everyone, So I was on reddit today and basically stated that I was thinking of applying this cycle (although pretty late) just to feel out the application process. I am only in third year right now and am sort of treating this like a trial session. A lot of my upper year friends and my friends' upper year friends who have gotten into med school or are applying this year have said it doesn't hurt to try applying third year just to see what it is like. But like 95% people on reddit told me this was a bad idea because being a reapplicant hurts my chances and that I should only apply if I
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