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  1. Hi guys! Does anyone know exactly how the interviews are assessed? What is the score you get and what is the breakdown? Thanks!
  2. guys every single time someone posts in this thread and I get the email notification I literally have a frckn heart attack
  3. Anyone know what day we're going to hear back? Will it be delayed this year?
  4. I'm OOP too and Dal is my top choice as well! We should link up!!! send me a PM
  5. I'm OOP and I don't see those steps either! And I havent taken Snapshot yet
  6. Hello! I'm so sorry about your CASPer, and I can tell you're feeling discouraged right now... but don't! If you want to be a physician and you believe you have what it takes DO NOT GIVE UP! I know its not easy and there are many hoops to jump through, but if it were easy everyone would do it! A few questions: 1. What exactly did the email from Dal say? 2. Did you take the CASPer snapshot? If so, how was that? I have yet to take mine and I'm not sure what to expect! 3. My advice for CASPer is just to keep practicing. Keep practicing your typing speed, keep practici
  7. hmmmm.... for the scholarships that were listed on my transcripts I put 'refer to transcripts'. For another one that isnt shown on my transcript I actually just put myself as the verifier. I asked a doc who graduated from Dal med (who sat on the adcom for a few years) and he said it was fine!
  8. So for that, I got advise from a previous applicant cuz i was confused too! so you would put something like "Research submitted & accepted for publication in the high-impact, peer reviewed journal, ____________(journal name).' Thats all I put for qualifications for pubs. hope this helps!
  9. Hey! hmmmm, i would suggest maybe just including it as one activity and then in the description, just specify the different roles and each roles responsibilities. I think thats what I would do! As for the character limit, I am pretty sure its just for the description boxes but the other boxes don't require any lengthy explanation so I doubt you will go over anyway (if there is a limit)
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