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  1. Are you guys from OOP? I can kind of guide you where to look in the city for good spots
  2. The OMSAS website says that the first round of decisions for Ontario schools will go out May 11th this year, so that week I think is when it will move
  3. Hey y’all! If you were waitlisted and are OOP, what was your interview score out of 40?
  4. Okay, thanks for attempting to explain this! I appreciate it i guess i just have one question then... Does this mean that people who are on the waitlist with lower scores could get in before someone with a higher waitlist score? I.e. someone with a 75 could get in before someone with a 79?
  5. Sorry, can you explain this a little? I’m not sure what you mean
  6. Have people got interviews elsewhere? Is anyone’s top choice Dal?
  7. YUPPPPPP. It used to be 1/5 chance of getting in, but now we dont even know how many more they interviewed this year soooooooo
  8. This is great! Thanks a lot Would you happen to know exactly when we can expect to hear from Ottawa for interviews?
  9. Hi guys! Does anyone know exactly how the interviews are assessed? What is the score you get and what is the breakdown? Thanks!
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