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  1. What is the average number of hours worked in general surgery per week.
  2. Was it U of T? I also had a feeling that my interview was not completely closed file....
  3. Did UBC FM invite all applicants who applied?? Are they still sending invites? Are there still people waiting? Did anyone get a rejection email?
  4. Is it 80 hours? Is there a maximum? Or can school work students for 80+ hours?
  5. One of my PS said around 500 words and mine is 511 word. Would it be screened out.. I was told that’s still around 500 words i am started to worry now!! There was no strict word limit on mine
  6. Are decisions made by them or made by team they work with? How does it work?
  7. Do u let preceptor know at beginning of rotation that u may ask for a ref letter? Or do u do it after they give u feedback?
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