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  1. GP make at lower end,350 K but psychiatrist make around 500 k?
  2. Does average endocrinologist make double what the FP make income wise
  3. U r scaring me so much.... I have documentation for injury.. and my dean to,d me that I will do remediation and it won’t show up on my transcript if I pass... that’s very scary
  4. I had injury a week before my last clerckship exam, and I failed my exam By 1%.. I am so scared about implications, and I was worried if that mean that the program I matchrd to will reject me.. will I no longer be a resident. It’s my first failure in medical school and I am very stressed out.
  5. If u did not apply to it first round, but u r interested in IM. What options do u have?
  6. What is the average number of hours worked in general surgery per week.
  7. Was it U of T? I also had a feeling that my interview was not completely closed file....
  8. Did UBC FM invite all applicants who applied?? Are they still sending invites? Are there still people waiting? Did anyone get a rejection email?
  9. Is it 80 hours? Is there a maximum? Or can school work students for 80+ hours?
  10. One of my PS said around 500 words and mine is 511 word. Would it be screened out.. I was told that’s still around 500 words i am started to worry now!! There was no strict word limit on mine
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