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  1. Just to add to this, my good friend used her high school teacher as a reference and also got accepted to the University of Toronto!
  2. Hi everyone! I am helping a friend with her application and she was wondering if her practicum courses count towards UofT's weighted GPA calculations. These courses require the same amount of work as any other course, and they have their own final exams. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!!
  3. During my call with one of the o-week coordinators, they mentioned that because the university has not prohibited online classes or gatherings yet, they are still planning as usual for o-week! Although I doubt we will have the exact same experience as previous years, they mentioned that all the key events that usually happen during o-week will definitely still happen, even if they are delayed! I'm staying hopeful because I've been watching these oweek videos for years and it would be such a shame if we didn't get to experience it as well. Fingers crossed!
  4. Despite the unfortunate press McMaster has received this past month, that doesn't diminish the fact that it is still one of the BEST medical schools this country has to offer! They have an amazing 3 year program and spearheaded the MMI and CASPer (tests which are now used across North America). I wasn't even accepted to Mac (placed on the waitlist sadly) but I know if I were, I would heavily consider the offer. I have a few Mac med friends who really enjoyed their time at Mac, you should be SO proud of getting an offer! It's an amazing accomplishment! If it's any consolation, once the world is
  5. I also saw TDR on my OMSAS account, but was assigned to MAM on the official offer letter. I think this is just an OMSAS glitch (this is the year of OSMAS glitches it seems ).
  6. Okay hold up- that is completely FALSE. All those who apply through BSAP (the black students application program) need to uphold the same qualifications as ANY other student. The only difference is, you get a black individual (a physician, community member, etc) to review your application and also have the opportunity for them to interview you during the interview process. And for this to even happen, you need to write a separate essay to be qualified for the program. Please review your facts before you make false claims like this.
  7. This guys journey is incredible! He got accepted to Mac with a low GPA! I don't think it's as rare as we think, based on the GPAs posted on the Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected threads of previous years
  8. Burgandy, blue, or pandemic purple would be great!! Do we get to vote on this at some point??
  9. If you search a few pages back, you'll see a waitlist thread with people discussing their options and some getting off the waitlist. Not sure about threads with specific waitlist size mentioned or how much movement there is though.
  10. Yeah it's supposed to look like that apparently! I was also worried (it should say your application is being processed and you should get an email with your confirmation number).
  11. Yeah I see a MAM offer letter even though it was TDR on my OMSAS account.... weird lol
  12. Result: Accepted Timestamp: No idea.... woke up to see the offer on OMSAS around 7am wGPA/cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 513 ECs: Pretty diverse- I'll updated this post later with more details after I've finished processing this news. Essays: I was pretty confident in them Interview: I really really thought I bombed one of my stations, 2 were mediocre, and one I felt very confident. In-person or Virtual: In-Person Year: Third Geography: Toronto
  13. For those on the mac waitlist, I just got the email, but will be declining my waitlist offer. God willing you all get in!!!!
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