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  1. Does anyone have any opinions on Kingston or Ottawa for exam sites?
  2. Pretty much. It's a horrible, brutal reality. You also have nothing to prove that you truly did fail. They tell you that's your score and end of story.
  3. Question - has anyone else heard of site variation? I've heard in the past people were going out of their way to take the exam in Quebec since the examiners there were nicer. Has anyone heard anything for Ontario (Toronto vs Hamilton vs Kingston etc?)?
  4. Hello, I've already read through the process, but would like to ask questions to anyone who's gone through it. Would you mind pm. Thanks.
  5. Hey I've been looking into this process myself, and I saw that at the end, you have to request a release from your current PD. What happens if they refuse? Do they have the power to trap you in the program and refuse you from leaving? Also, at what point are you supposed to contact the dean? At the beginning when you're considering a transfer? Or at the middle? Should you be contacting PD of the program you're interested in on your own? What if they decide to write your current PD? I have a lot of questions.. if there's someone who's gone through the process wouldn
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