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  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely keep that into consideration. Do you know how much (in terms of GPA) a research based masters could raise your GPA? Since it's not similar to having a structured course.
  2. Hello All, I was hoping to gain some perspectives on some of the possible routes I could take while pursuing for medical school. I am a forth year student with a first year GPA of 3.20, second year of 3.49 and a third year GPA of 3.880. I have an MCAT score of 512 with a score of 127 in CARS. I am fairly confident that I can obtain another 3.9 this following year but this would still leave me with a GPA of 3.73 (after lowest year removed). As of now, I am 100% sure that I could not see myself doing anything other than medicine. Throughout my undergraduate experience I have been doing res
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