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  1. Thanks again! Do you know where the link is for the 13 footnote that describes the $300 promotion? For some reason its not on that website... Sorry for the trouble Edit: nevermind, found it
  2. I’m looking to sign with scotia but they said the $300 promotion has ended. Has anyone had any success getting them to give them the promotion even though the deadline passed?
  3. Super random question lol What do med students usually wear? I know professionalism is definitley a very important factor. So to lectures do students dress a little fancier, or more laid back and the more professional clothing (dress pants, cute shirts) are reserved for shadowing/CBLs?
  4. I got accepted off the waitlist a couple of days ago but will be rejecting the offer. Hope that helps someone
  5. I FEEL LIKE IVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS POST!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone! Waitlist email: 7:18:1X wGPA: 3.97 Email: 1:12 PM
  6. Does anyone else's received timestamp say it's at 11:XX instead of 7:XX? when i check the sent time it says 11, but my actual email says received at 7:18 ...weird
  7. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if you accept a masters program (the deadline to accept for one of the ones i applied to is in a week), will medical schools or other master programs be aware that I accepted it, withdrawing me from their pool? I'm not sure what to do... I've applied to medical school and a few master programs only in Ontario. Thanks!
  8. Hi again! How does the movement off the waitlist work (how long does it take to get a call off the waitlist)? Is it AFTER the deadline to accept (which im assuming is may 28 ish) and how long does this process go on for? It seems very stressful having to wait until around Julyish if we have other things to do in the summer like deciding to write the MCAT Thanks again!
  9. Are there opportunities for sport intramurals with the other medical students?? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys! This is my first time having an interviewing for med school so I was wondering do we need to take anything into the room with us? Like a mini brief case or folder with some paper?
  11. Thanks for replying Do you also have any tips / resources on how to prepare and what worked well for you?
  12. Hello! I have my interview coming up for Ottawa! I was wondering if any current students / other people with interviews have any tips on how to prepare and what to expect. Are the questions usually open ended or do they require a direct answer? Honestly any advice/help would be very very appreciated. Thanks
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