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  1. Didn't want to go through the hassle of transfering pictures from my phone so I got one online haha. I'll change it when I get around to it but he looks pretty similar haha
  2. Hey y'all, I'm curious to know whether the people on this forum have any pets and if so what kind? Positive / Negative Experiences? Feel free to Vote above!!
  3. I've always had the love for anatomy, health, and science but just not as much for people haha.
  4. Thanks, I think I have my answer then. I've had enough of math. If Med school drops thorugh maybe I'll just open up a farm haha
  5. I'd say thats a fair point. I have so many classmates who also want to go to Med school (suprise suprise) and I feel that going into something like Agriculture and Farming would make me stick out from the general applicant stream. I just don't know if this is a good kind of sticking out or not haha. I've always thought BioMed is the safer route but I think I'd be more interested in another program as physical sciences and lab work is getting really damn boring and repetitive. I've always been ignorant but I think BioMed or Medical science sounds a little cooler and "impressive" than some other
  6. Thanks for the input. I'll definetly lose some study partners but since I'll be staying a the same school I can still hang out with them. My current GPA is a 3.8 but I don't find it any easier per se, I would just be way more interested in something else than 2 more years of lab work and organic chemistry. The downside is that I'm throwing away a "BioMedical" Degree for something that sounds less cool and impressive
  7. What would you consider a proffesional degree? Sometimes that is employable or getting a Masters?
  8. Hello people of the forum! (I posted this on the general forum too but its pretty time sensitive so I'd like all the advice I can get) I was just curious to know if all Bachelor of Science degrees are viewed as equal by medical schools. I'm in BioMedical science but was also given the chance to specialize/transfer into Bachelor of Science in agriculture (I know pretty wierd). I wouldn't say BioMed really interest me that much as its mostly pure sciences. I've been browsing other programs and whether its agriculutre, or marine biology, pharmacology, or enviormental science, they all seem t
  9. I've already been through most of the basics of BioMed (Calculus, Chemistry, Physics) and most of the hard stuff that will prepare me for the MCAT in my first 2 years. My question would be, if I transfer to let's say environemntal science for an easier ride for the last 2 years...will I regret moving to a less "prestigious" program? I might be a little ignorant but environemntal science seems like the kind of program you go into because you don't have stellar marks in high school. Will medical school look down on that? Surely they can't say a BioMedical science graduate will have the same skil
  10. Not to be too picky but other than my 2 dogs (who I absolutley love) I really don't have that much interest in small critters haha. I think large animal practice would be the only thing I'd be interested in (bovine, horses, dairy, etc). I also like that kind of outdoor environment as opposed to a clinical setting.
  11. Hello people of the forum! I was just curious to know if all Bachelor of Science degrees are viewed as equal by medical schools. I'm in Medical Science but, wouldn't say it really interest me that much as its mostly pure sciences. I've been browsing other programs and whether its marine biology, pharmacology, or enviormental science, they all seem to fall under "bachelor of science". Does that inheritly mean these degrees are basically the same? Alternatively from a (HIGH GPA) perspective, if they are all the same why would anyone pick MedSci over something easier like enviormental scienc
  12. Sorry for such a late reply (been offline for a bit). I'll always feel that if I go into Medicine instead of being a Vet just for the money it would make me a bad person. Interest wise I do love animals more and I've always been a farm person (worked with a handful of bovine/equine vets). Being from financially tighter family I just can't wrap my head around justifying 8 years of schooling and loans for a fairly average salary...I'm I wrong in thinking this? I don't hate human medicine but passion is definetly lower.
  13. Just asking for a friends who's applying to University this year, which university has the best and worse GPA conversions. I know this is a bit of a wierd questions but I've found that UBC has some sort of letter grading system (A+, A-, etc), while some have percentages %. Is one significantly worse than the other? I've hear stories about some universities with great conversions where an 80 is a 4.0 GPA whereas some others you would need a 90 to acheive the same GPA. Any thoughts on this?
  14. Just need a little insight on this topic. Is residency matching locational depending on medical school? Lets say you want to match into Emerg and your currently in McMaster...is it possible to match into hospitals/rotations in Toronto or are you 100% going to have to match into something in Hamilton? Therefore U of T Med students get the hospitals in the Toronto area. Correct me if I'm wrong Cheers, Victor
  15. Would that also infer that their undergraduate programs such as BioMed and HealthSci are harder to compensate for the lack of the MCAT?
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