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  1. I've actually never seen a premed this entitled LMAO. I'll reiterate this again. The med school admissions does not owe you anything. If you don't like it, don't apply (I don't understand why this is so hard to understand). If you want a job but hate the hiring committee, don't apply to that job? Cause chances are, everyone in that job is going to have the same mentality. "My post is about how med.schools are detached from what premeds are going through. The admins are so out of touch with the public, they lost the perspective. The admins need real people to correct the admission process
  2. @yesandno No one is saying your situation doesn't matter. Of course it sucks that you do well this semester and it's not counted. Anyone in your shoes would agree. HOWEVER, you have to realize that we are in a midst of a pandemic. This is probably the first time medical schools and the admissions committee had to resort to such measures. There are plenty of things that happened that people might consider to be unfair. For example, people had their interviews cancelled (what if they shined at interviews but not as much on paper?). Remember you aren't the only one affected by this pandemic. Mayb
  3. LMAOO Which younger colleague hurt you? There's a way to bring people up (including yourself) without putting others down haha. I don't know who you've been speaking to but most of my colleagues are not "young, idealistic minds". Most med students I've talked to (of ALL ages) love what they are learning. And many graduated to love residency. Yes residency is tiring and can burn people out. But that's not because of their age or "how they never experience rejection" (just because they didn't get rejected to medical school does not mean they never faced rejection else where). We all have differe
  4. Because rankings are really biased and based off of surveys LOL (even at UofT, I don't ever remember getting a survey about "student satisfaction" so I don't even know who they are even asking for this data...). Ranking doesn't really matter since all Canadian med schools are considered equivalent. No residency will care about which Canadian med school you came from. Selecting med school is really about the way they teach and if it's conductive to your own learning style :). It might also be good to look at the match rate at each school (but again, this is also very subjective to the year and
  5. I think you just get the CMA bags this year :). They started switching last year and that's why the students got the uottawa bags and CMA bags.
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