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  1. I hope we get an email to tell us when they've been announced, so if we didn't get one we can stop checking You probably saw this but they list them individually here with their general criteria : https://www.mcgill.ca/study/2018-2019/faculties/medicine/professional/ug_med_admissions_entrance_scholarships
  2. I know some people make a temp. one just to keep up with this stuff without friends and all. It's not ideal but you could get the info first hand without managing the social part you may not want.
  3. Rule of thumb would be don't do a project with someone you don't get along with, don't need on the project or who doesn't want to establish roles and authorship beforehand. Beyond competition, those are the things that will create problems in methodology, can affect the quality of your output and ruin your experience. As for the competition, it's really sad that we have to ask these questions, watch out for 'snakes' or that people are motivated to do research just to put it on their cv. I'd think if your project will be better by adding him do it if not don't bother for the above points.
  4. I was too but I asked twice. Still in the process of confirming with other reps but just wanted to contribute what they told me till now.
  5. I also got that you'll first get upgraded to Avion Infinite regardless of income. I'm fuzzy on if they sometimes upgrade med students to the privilege card or wait till we make more income though (wether thats the usual 200 k or lower).
  6. mmy 2-cents if it helps : So at face value the scotia bank cards give you more points with purchase and travel privileges. When I spoke with an RBC specialist rep she told me the base card with RBC is just the plain platinum and that you'll usually get upgraded to better cards within a year. So if the cards are important for you in the near future, scotia is better. BUT RBC now has that lifelong LOC and no minimal payements after residency, which makes them more advantageous long-term (at least until scotia catches up or RBC drops it). For someone who doesn't spend a lot to accumula
  7. I do not know about defering, usually you need a pretty good reason and I don't know if uncertainty around COVID is one *according to schools*. That being said, I obviously don't know your situation! But for multiple offers, I ended up accepting one because I did not know a better offer was coming. I later switched to my second offer and because of the COVID financial reality, the first school has agreed to give me part of my deposit back. Also, know that you can hold multiple spots if it's one in QC and one in ON, at least for a few days. But it is frowned upon because it's holding up a
  8. If you're looking for volunteering I know some helplines are looking for people right now, depending on what inspires you some ideas are helplines for eating disorders, teen suicide or social isolation for older adults. Although it's more a job, contact tracing/public health work-from-home offers could also be interesting ! If you really love quantitative research, what I would do if I had the time and no lab affilitation is look up free access databases and see if I can do stats/write an article on a subject of interest.
  9. Just echoing what has been said in that a masters is an advantage for schools' med applications, for your interviews (you can usually see the difference between UG applicants and mature/grad/working applicants) and even Carms etc (first two speaking from experience and the last one is what most applicants recount). AI is already a huge advantage if you're looking to do medical research so definetly related. Also, it all depends on what else you would do after your MCAT date/OMSAS app deadline. If the choice is between doing a masters that helps you on your journey to medical school or wor
  10. It would indeed go into this section Rule of thumb for the ABS is that it has to add something to your app (speaks to a recurring orientation/strength of yours or related to a canmed role and you can make that apparent in the short description). So if that's one of your best research type entries then put it, if you have to boot another entry to fit this one then you start weighing what adds more value to your application as a whole.
  11. There is parental support to explain this but also some people have prior savings and/or study at less expensive schools (ex. in Quebec). I haven't done it but my guess is working during medschool would be extremely demanding and from the advice I've gotten, not worth it. Keep in mind you'll be making a decent amount even during residency depending on your expenses (kids or not, renting or paying off a house) and especially that LOC payements dont kick in until after your entire residency.
  12. Got interviewed and accepted at Western as an undergrad with 3.75; but had research experience in my ECs. Being a graduate doesn't magically make it better but if you've boosted your ECs as a new graduate then yes. If you're actually really into research then apply MD/PhD where your research matters more.
  13. You don't loose anything by emailing them, but applicant pools do change from year to year, and while your's might not have changed others' could have. For proof of residency I sent in a birth certificate with the initial application, have never been asked for additional documentation
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