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  1. 70-90 each year. https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  2. WGPA: 3.93 good WL, time created: 9:07:08 English stream Is there a spreadsheet I can add my stats or is only one person making it?
  3. Few of my friends had their uoft acceptance posted on OMSAS around 6:30 AM, it’s gonna be an agonizing 12 hrs
  4. Was this for both campuses and all programs? I’m in the #30s for MTL in the Quebec university pool but doubt i would make it.
  5. Yeah I remember seeing that too. Number I said is from https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf. So just to clarify, you did receive a waitlist ranking for this cycle?
  6. Last year, 19 offers were declined by applicants for MDCM and 13 for Med P. Did you receive a ranking?
  7. Based on previous years i would say they state everyone’s rank. Guess it’s only IP without an actual ranking yet?
  8. Anyone else on Waitlist but doesn’t have their ranking posted yet on Minerva? IP here
  9. So I've applied to Ottawa and Toronto for the past 3 cycles and last year I applied to McMaster as well and did not get a single interview. This year I applied to Toronto and Ottawa (wGPA for Ottawa is 3.93) and got interviews for both! Literally spent a month just improving my typing speed for Casper so I think I did better for casper as well and like I said my essays and reference letters were much more solid this year. For example instead using my MSc supervisor as ref, used a postdoc in the lab who knew me better. So I think my application finally came together this year. Feel free to reac
  10. TIME STAMP: 10:00 AM Result: Interview (MD) IP GPA: 3.87 cGPA (Do not qualify for wGPA) MCAT: Met cutoffs (CARS 124) ECs: Research heavy, 3 co-author papers, 2 conferences, CGS-M, NSERC USRA, graduate school Ecs and other community activities that I genuinely did for myself. Essays: Very personal, worked really hard on them and had a 1st MD student look over it. Year: Completed Msc, currently working 3rd cycle applying and finally getting interviews. This year, really focused on getting solid reference letters and worked a lot on the essays.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if any current Mcgill MD student is willing to help with MMI prep. I will pay for your time. Send me a message if interested.
  12. Hi everyone, I was wondering if knows whether you have the option to choose between MD and MD-PhD if you get into both for Mcgill. In the application you can only select one and they mention that even you don't get into MD-PhD you could still get into the MDCM program, however I'm just wondering if you could decided between the two if you got your MD-PhD acceptance or you have take MD-PhD
  13. Since you passed the prescreening stage, did you receive your ranking for individual parts (academic, casper)
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