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  1. Hi everyone, i know this may be a little late but I was wondering if there is anyone that is still looking for housing for the upcoming year. My friend and I are looking into potential 3 bedroom houses near RGN (5-10 minutes walk) and we need an additional person before we can seal the deal. If you’re still on the look out, shoot me a message!
  2. Sorry got way too excited! Updating this now. Got the email at 3:16. Will be accepting!
  3. Shoot out to whoever is managing the excel sheet and incorporating the updates immediately. You the real MVP!
  4. I know someone who took a leave of absence from UofT for a concussion, so no I don’t think it would look bad. If you’re not able to study or handle the workload, then you’re better off to defer and look after yourself than to start and do more damage and have to take a leave of absence anyways
  5. This was mentioned at the interview orientation and they said that this wouldn’t effect whether you get in or not, it’s a way for them to see where you are and recommend appropriate courses. What policy is this?
  6. 70-90 each year. https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  7. WGPA: 3.93 good WL, time created: 9:07:08 English stream Is there a spreadsheet I can add my stats or is only one person making it?
  8. Few of my friends had their uoft acceptance posted on OMSAS around 6:30 AM, it’s gonna be an agonizing 12 hrs
  9. Was this for both campuses and all programs? I’m in the #30s for MTL in the Quebec university pool but doubt i would make it.
  10. Yeah I remember seeing that too. Number I said is from https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf. So just to clarify, you did receive a waitlist ranking for this cycle?
  11. Last year, 19 offers were declined by applicants for MDCM and 13 for Med P. Did you receive a ranking?
  12. Based on previous years i would say they state everyone’s rank. Guess it’s only IP without an actual ranking yet?
  13. Anyone else on Waitlist but doesn’t have their ranking posted yet on Minerva? IP here
  14. So I've applied to Ottawa and Toronto for the past 3 cycles and last year I applied to McMaster as well and did not get a single interview. This year I applied to Toronto and Ottawa (wGPA for Ottawa is 3.93) and got interviews for both! Literally spent a month just improving my typing speed for Casper so I think I did better for casper as well and like I said my essays and reference letters were much more solid this year. For example instead using my MSc supervisor as ref, used a postdoc in the lab who knew me better. So I think my application finally came together this year. Feel free to reac
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