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  1. Yes, SMP! Sounds perfect, haha. On a more positive note, we can still enjoy Kelowna and hangout in small groups regardless of everything being online
  2. I'm also OOP coming from across Canada to be in the program. A little late but I was also very crushed when I got that email on Wednesday... I already secured an apartment near my site and was expecting the hybrid model that UBC had been talking about. Like others have said, the thought of moving to a new province without a social network (friends, family, work) to be isolated in my room for months is not what I pictured when I finally started medical school... but we can't complain because we still will be working towards our medical degrees. Anyone else moving OOP and feeling this way, pleas
  3. Hello all! I'm exploring options for part-time work during my earlier years of medical school. I would prefer something flexible and online... I know that some work for the application companies, but I am hesitant to apply to one of the large ones that charge students thousands of dollars for their services. Does anyone know of a small student-run application company that charges students very reasonably? I remember vivo mentor was a great one that was up and coming a few years ago, but it seems like it is not running anymore or has been rebranded to something that I cannot find easily thro
  4. The Southern Medical Program was actually my second choice but in hindsight I'm very happy with this site!
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry to hear that you didn't hear anything today I know it is really disappointing. I hope you hear back on the next round. I just came off of the waitlist for Kelowna, and I will be accepting my offer!!
  6. Hello everyone. I don't post much... but I think need additional support for this waitlist! I am a second time applicant. Last year, I interviewed at UBC and was rejected post-interview. This year, I interviewed at U of T for both the MD and MD/PhD program as well as UBC for the MD program. Receiving my rejection from U of T yesterday was very heartbreaking, and I was so sure that I was getting rejected today as well. I am in the same boat as Justsayian26 because I don't know if I should feel happy or sad about this waitlist. I am grateful that I still have a chance though! I am an out
  7. Hello everyone! I was rejected from MD/PhD but I got a regular MD invitation. TIME STAMP: Dec. 12Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularGPA or AGPA (if applicable): ~90Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): MScGeography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Very strong, research-heavy.
  8. 12:48 pm, Wednesday December 11- Rejected without interview from the MD/PhD Program
  9. Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice. I was rejected post-interview this past year and am hoping to re-vamp my application. One aspect that I'm curious about is what people do when they have a lot of research experience/awards? For context, I have 10+ first author publications and 30+ first author oral/poster presentations, as well as 5+ major scholarships/awards. Last year I clustered together certain ones (typically publication + presentations on the same topic and scholarships given for similar reasons) and tried to include as much as I could but I did have to omit a bit just becaus
  10. Looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or house for a summer sublet in Thunder Bay (July - End of August). It is important that it is private (not a bedroom in a house). Thanks in advance
  11. TIME STAMP: March 25 2019 Result: Reject wGPA: 3.93 MCAT: Above cut-offs ECs: Thorough and diverse: combination of research, leadership and volunteer activities with longevity and a lot of traveling. Good enough for OOP UBC. Strong reference letters. Essays: Spent around 1-2 weeks writing them and had my partner read/edit with me. I didn't know exactly what they were looking for but I really liked what I wrote. Year: 2nd Year MSc (Definitely in the graduate student pool as my CV is research heavy) Geography: IP Heartbroken! If anyone has an
  12. Hello! I'm considering moving north (somewhere around Thunder Bay) for the summer (June - August) and was wondering if anyone could recommend any interesting job/volunteer opportunities? I have a really open mind and would be intrigued by anything medicine or research related, including being based in Thunder Bay but working in rural areas surrounding the city. I'm interested in rural and remote medicine but don't currently have much experience or know where to start looking. Thanks!
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