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  1. What are the differences? I've only been able to secure academic radiology electives so far. Thanks!
  2. If I am parallel planning with family medicine, would it decrease my chances of getting an FM interview if my 1 FM elective is in the middle of a sequence of other electives?
  3. So far, all of my transcript comments are fairly average/generic... No red flags (apart from being called 'quiet'—is that a red flag?), but it's not hard to imagine lots of other students are getting similar comments to mine. I'm wondering how much programs care about these? Should I be trying harder to impress on my rotations?
  4. I've been spending so much time thinking about this and haven't gotten super far, so I'm curious to hear what specialties you guys think I should further consider. - I'm introverted. I enjoy both independent work and patient interaction/working with others, but I would prefer something that doesn't involve talking all day. - I am very passionate about tech, data, and innovation in medicine. - I enjoy the idea of being the expert in something but I don't want to be super specialized. - I like variety; I get bored easily. - I am a creative person so I would like to be a
  5. Hahaha that’s pretty true Those are mainly the med students, though. I’ve learned some cool things from physicians, etc. on there
  6. Depends on what you define as "important." Twitter has definitely helped me stay up to date on medical news, and also connect with people in the medical community that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise (eg. students from other schools).
  7. I'm curious about how feasible it is to become a researcher as a family physician - would it be more difficult than if one was a specialist? As well, are you limited to researching topics within the scope of family medicine or could you go beyond that (or would people/funding bodies/journals not take you as seriously)? For example, I'd love to do research about healthcare data and AI, but that doesn't seem particularly relevant to the field of family medicine in comparison to other specialties.
  8. Thanks so much rmorelan for the helpful answer. Do you know how radiology compares in terms of those factors to other specialties, say General Surgery or GIM?
  9. Hi all, I've read a lot of the threads in this forum and get the sense that radiology is no longer a lifestyle specialty and like all specialties, has challenges in terms of residency workload and finding a job in a bigger city. However, I'm interested in knowing how does it compare to other specialties (in particular surgery and internal medicine) in terms of: 1) Residency lifestyle 2) Staff lifestyle: # of hours worked? How easy is it to work part-time, take time off, etc.? 3) Job market: Finding a job in a more urban centre? Thanks!
  10. Also thinking about radiology and IM, mainly. There are a lot of specialties I ruled out based on limited clinical experience or simply reading about them, so nothing is really set in stone for me
  11. I'm coming towards the end of my pre-clerkship (I'm in a 3-year program) and I'm still feeling pretty unsure of what specialty I want. To be honest, I'm mentally tired. I've been thinking about this so much lately (what with COVID impacting our clinical opportunities and the compressed timeline looming over me), on top of doing a lot of research projects and studying. It's a lot of stress and I feel so lost. I've been doing a lot of reading about specialties and discussions happening on this forum and it's cleared up some things for me, but there's nothing I've come across that feels "ri
  12. Just declined my offer for the English stream today—I hope this makes someone happy!
  13. Amazing, thank you for such a detailed and helpful response! This makes me feel much more confident about the decision I'll be making.
  14. I've read posts stating that despite Mac being a 3-year program with no summers, students are still able to make it work in terms of building their CV, doing research, etc. I've also heard that the program is fairly chill during pre-clerkship with lots of free time to do the aforementioned things. As someone who is leaning towards picking Mac, this is good to hear. However, what I'm wondering is, does Mac's condensed program and lack of summers lead to a lot of stress and burnout during clerkship (in comparison to 4-year schools)? Or do most students find it manageable? Thanks
  15. I was accepted off the waitlist today (English stream)! Likely going to decline this offer
  16. Bumping because I'm interested in the answer to this!
  17. Thanks for starting this thread! I'm feeling a little worried about coming to Mac after reading some of the posts here. What kind of ECs would you suggest doing in the first year of medical school, given that it's a 3 year program?
  18. I responded and haven't received anything afterwards yet either. May try calling tomorrow if I don't hear anything by then
  19. Congrats guys! Do you guys get 1 week to respond? I'm hoping the time thing is true and that there are enough spots left. Mine was 7:18:56.
  20. Yeah I'm going crazy from this waiting. I'm trying to live life as usual but it's so hard.
  21. Interested in knowing about this too, as a fellow waitlister who didn't hear back today.
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