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  1. This is the first year that Mun med has used the CASPer, so truthfully, I doubt anyone knows! Best bet is to give them a shout and see if they're willing to discuss your application with you. I can't give any concrete evidence as to how specific they'll be with you.
  2. For me, it was always very specific to certain aspects of my application and I was always afforded an opportunity to delve into those topics more in depth during the meeting. They didn't really go into what they're looking for generally speaking, aside from what I could infer based on my unsuccessful attempts. It's fairly rare to candidly discuss your application with the adcoms directly, so for anyone in this situation I definitely suggest you take advantage of it. I know I'll be scheduling another meeting if it doesn't work out again this year.
  3. I was rejected pre-interview in 2018 and I was on the phone with them that day scheduling the follow up interview - they got me in to meet in person 2 months later. I imagine you would be able to meet remotely or via phone call in a similar amount of time. Best bet, call admissions today or tomorrow and get that process started. They really are kind and helpful, and for those who were curious, Dr. Thiessen was very familiar with my file when I spoke to him. It really felt like he did his homework with respect to my application and it was definitely appreciated!
  4. For those who were unsuccessful this year, I highly recommend scheduling a follow up interview with admissions to go over your application with you. This is my third go around and I feel like their input has helped strengthen my application from year to year. I was able to meet with Dr. Thiessen last year and I found him to be quite helpful.
  5. Got the rejection at 11:40. Bit of a punch to the guts, but it is what it is. See y'all next year!
  6. Hey everyone! Figured I'd start a new thread so that when future generations are digging through the forums it'll be a bit easier for them to find. Good luck to everyone tomorrow and regardless of the outcome, we've made it this far and that's pretty rad. If you're up for it, please reply to the stickied thread up above with your stats. More data can't hurt, right?
  7. Someone braver than me give them a shout to confirm haha
  8. The latest bit of information we have, as per this thread and the Facebook interview group, indicates the earliest we will hear anything is this coming Wednesday. With all things adcoms, there are no guarantees on any of this information and your guess is as good as mine, and is probably as good as your friends. I'm personally hoping it's in the next 10 minutes!
  9. It's definitely been occupying a significant chunk of my time and thinking. I've just been immersing myself as much as possible in my work/volunteering/hobbies so as to distract myself. It's sort of working, but I'd be lying if I told you I'm patient for Wednesday.
  10. I suppose that makes sense given the winter semester was extended. Ah well, soon be time to find out what's happening for us all!
  11. Mind asking if they'll just tell us today? That'd be great, thanks!
  12. Well, that's a bit of a flawed assumption, don't you think? There are certainly people who are accepted with "poor" academic scores, however, we are not privy to any of the disadvantaging factors they may have experienced, their EC's, and on the list goes. Speaking as someone in the opposite situation as you, I'd rather be in your position than my own. The scores are tangible - they're easier to assess and rank relative to the competition. I've no idea how they assess everything else; it certainly seems like a daunting task. In the mean time, we'll both have to try our best to not
  13. Probably fine? You have amazing stats and assuming the interview went as well as you think it did, chances are you're fine.
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