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  1. I wrote exactly this in my application. If they don't accurately reflect who you are right now, and you feel confident that you've demonstrated that in your application, I can't imagine that being an issue.
  2. I shopped around for awhile and ended up with Scotiabank. David Smith is a great guy to work with and made the whole process dead simple, I barely had to do anything. Way better experience than I've ever had with BMO, for whatever that's worth!
  3. Congratulations!!! We'll be meeting you this august I'd say!
  4. Hopefully you'll see some movement once Ontario releases their decisions!
  5. So admissions announcements for each pool come out at different times. The in province applicants (NL) were announced March 12th, the NB/PEI pool was announced today, and the OOP pool will likely be announced next month some time!
  6. Not that it's of much help, but I certainly feel for you. The wait was long enough for us IP people, I can only imagine waiting an extra month or two. Hopefully you'll hear back soon, and worst case scenario you could call them and ask if you're feeling brave!
  7. I'm so pleased you finally got in - we started applying at the same time on these boards and over the years I'd see your posts! Congratulations!!!
  8. No confirmation e-mail here either. I'm such a weirdo that I'm still checking the e-mail every so often waiting for the damn confirmation e-mail so that it's really real. I've also read the acceptance letter too many times.
  9. 3rd time applicant, just got my acceptance. Can't wait to meet you all!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the rejections - I've been there a number of times and it stings like hell. I remember reading a post on here sometime ago about how each year you just become a stronger and stronger applicant and I really do believe that to be the case. If you are intending on applying again, just remember that you're already building on top of a pretty damn strong foundation.
  11. While that certainly sounds atypical, I'd find it comforting personally. If they weren't considering you, this wouldn't happen!
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