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  1. Does anyone know if any in person component (even if it’s 1 or 2 days) is confirmed for the fall semester? I’ve heard that there may be some small groups, but just wanted to confirm!
  2. I also accepted Western over UofT! I was hesitant about the change in curriculum but I talked to some students who just finished first year and they said that the problems were largely in first semester. They also mentioned that the administration was very willing to hear feedback and they are hopeful that the incoming students will have a much more positive experience I think regardless of which school you go to, the class that has to deal with the change in the curriculum gets the short end of the stick and then the following year is better (this was also the experience of a friend whe
  3. Just declined my offer! Wishing the best for you all!
  4. Would love to have some insight from people who had to make this decision and hear the pros and cons
  5. Would love to have some insight on the pros/cons for the schools or if someone had to make a similar decision!
  6. I'm an out of province applicant and I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the process for compensation for the travel/hotel costs for the cancelled interview. They mentioned they would have more information when they sent out the interview cancellation email, but I haven't heard anything since. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Has anyone interviewing on the 28th received an email from the company Western mentioned they’re using for interviews?
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