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  1. Thanks fellow otter! I've sent off emails to ask for clarification. From reading the OMSAS GPA calculation page, it does indeed sound like they meant to convert NCR in this way ("Courses for which a “Pass” grade is assigned are not included in the GPA calculations. Courses for which a “Fail” grade is assigned are included as a failure."), but I'm hoping the schools themselves wouldn't go with that method.
  2. Our cGPA calculated by OMSAS is now out in the document tracking section, and I noticed that it was very different from what I had calculated. I was able to reproduce OMSAS's cGPA for me after including a NCR course as a weight of 0 GPA, but I was under the impression that CR/NCR/P/F courses aren't supposed to count towards GPA calculation. Can anyone confirm or deny this to be the case? Since most schools do their own weighted GPA calculations it might not matter anyway, but it still just makes me a bit uncomfortable. Queen's for example compares your cGPA and 2-year most recent GPA, and
  3. That's really tough to not hear back from 3 waitlists, but you know what, you are a really amazing person to have gotten three interviews in the first place! That's 200% more than what I got lol. Your time will come for sure <3
  4. Not too bad but it's only because I've already made my peace with not getting in a few weeks ago. Before I did that I was a mess so I totally understand people who are devastated by this. Hang in there! What are people's plan for the next academic year?
  5. The OP-gets-acceptance prophecy has been fulfilled! CONGRATS
  6. OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I'm gonna have a smile of my face for the rest of the day Now go represent us water animals
  7. Same. I don't think I would've felt nearly as bad being rejected up front.
  8. Fingers crossed so hard it's wrapped around back to the original side
  9. From checking the waitlist threads at other schools, it seems that Ottawa, Queen's, and Western are still to send out more offers. Western had a batch this morning so there may be a small movement today. Next Mon is the deadline to accept for the last batch Queen's sent out, and we also have the next batch of offers from Ottawa and Queen's, so we should see some movement from people holding out on their McMaster offers but preferring other schools.
  10. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me which sender email address they used? I want to set up a custom alert so my heart rate doesn't spike with every email notification
  11. Welp, time to bring out the emergency feel-good chocolate and try to forget about it if there's no particular day to expect it.
  12. Thanks for doing the work, not just for us but for future applicants too if they find this thread!
  13. Not primary data, but I found this post from the 2015 thread. Seems that around 20 out of 28 people got off the waitlist. (Also, I checked and Quokka did get accepted in 2017!)
  14. Any chance you've done this for past years and knows around what percentage of waitlisted people get accepted?
  15. Go about my day as usual for my research-based master's. How about you?
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