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  1. Interesting...I've had it for chronic migraine from 4 different doctors and they all made me pay They were all neurologists not family docs though, maybe that makes a difference?
  2. From personal experience in Ontario: The botox itself is covered for patients who don't have private insurance and are eligible for OHIP+. Physicians charge patients the injection fee ($150), which is not covered by OHIP or private insurance. Doctors may also bill OHIP as well, that I don't know.
  3. I chose McMaster over offers at three 4-year programs including U of A. I talked to students at each school that were pretty equivalent in pre-med academic caliber and the quality of life of Mac students was consistently so much better. Keep in mind that Mac does NOT condense a normal 4-year program into 3 but has a completely different curriculum (what I kept being told by students in traditional programs is that 90% of their time is spend learning things that won't serve them clinically, and that even the faculty tells them that everything they need to know they'll learn in clerkship).
  4. Regarding the change to clerkship streams, does this mean that electives will be after core rotations for the incoming class? (i.e. would it prevent us from starting with electives before we've done cores?)
  5. Thank you so much! The issue was that my ualberta email wasn't connected
  6. Could anyone who is part of the "University of Alberta Medicine: Class of 2023" Facebook page send me a PM? It won't let me join and I'd love to start connecting with people! Thanks a lot
  7. This year was my first year applying but I did put a significant award that I received in the Life Experiences & Achievements section and I received an OOP interview (TBD on acceptance!). I didn't include basic academic awards but the award I included represented significant experiences/achievements in my life, so it seemed appropriate. I'd say it depends what the award is.
  8. Anyone have an idea why the ECs are scored out of 17? I thought they were scored out of 16 last year...
  9. I think that the numbers after the slashes are the maximum score for each category
  10. U of T Update: " Our next wave of notifications is expected to be released during the week of March 18th." Looks like we have to wait a little longer...
  11. I don't know if they have the whole file but they could have access to any part from what I understand.
  12. Can't speak to most of your questions but the panel is open file for sure!
  13. He talked yesterday about "collaboration stations" probably being in the MMI. Can anyone give insight into what this means? Is this collaboration with another applicant or with the interviewer? Thanks
  14. Hey everyone, I just have a general question about invites... Since UBC releases the rejections first, does that mean that if you don't get an email on the Monday you know you got an invite? Or can they still reject you later in the week?
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