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  1. What I was advised is you let the recent employer be your referee, however communicate with him about your past technologist exp. so he can attest to that.
  2. Sounds like they all fall under the employment section no? If I assume you mean keeping them as separate employment entries- in this case, I would say it would sound pretty redundant as the responsibilities and roles are the same (within the NM technologist realm). Would be best to group together, and spend entries on other things? Unless you can wing it different ways and different roles in each of those hospitals?
  3. 1. You can complete them on your own time during masters yes. With everything online, it is much easier, doesn't even need to be from same university I've heard. 2. You can take as many courses as you'd like, if you can maintain that and the workload of a master's student. Typically if you're trying to take 2 courses or more then it might decrease time spent on your master's project, and thus your PI will be less inclined in picking you? Depends on the PI I guess. But ngl, workload for IMS is pretty ez, depending on the lab. 3. If you already worked with the PI previously and start
  4. Your GPA for your last 2 year, best 2 year, and overall seem out of favour for all schools in Canada. I would suggest looking into masters if you want to pursue a PhD if medical school doesn't pan out, and you are okay with that. Otherwise take the Aus test and go through medicine from there. For those that have masters degree, they aren't placed in a separate pool that's for sure, just a small bump here and there. And with the popularity of folks doing such master's increasing, it's going to be a smaller bump in the future as well.
  5. Aww man, now I'm feeling bummed out. When will this competition go away lol. I wasn't even applying to a competitive school for EDP too.. (3.75/511 school stat avg) Feel as if my GPA (3.94) is useless lol. Note my ECs should be well above average, each thousands of hrs of clinical experience, research, and volunteer/paid activities. Maybe I'm underestimating myself after all these failed Canadian attempts. But EDP is my only hope right now, or it's going to be Australia for me.
  6. Is there reason why it's not favoured for internationals? Does it mean its used for in-state applicants more than out-of state? I've never applied EDP, but have heard from others its the way to go for desperate Canadians that can't apply to many US medical schools. As long as you are eligible for applying for the school as an international/Canadian, shouldn't they place you in the same regards as an out-of-state resident (as stated on their websites).
  7. sorry you are correct, there is no guarantee to get in even if you meet the criteria. I was just referring that if you are more competitive than regular applicants (in my case 3.94/513), it would be much easier to get in and not worry about the hassle applying everywhere. Plus applying ED makes you stand out even more, as the schools know you want them and taking the risk. The ED criteria for many of the schools are much higher, some even explicitly say don't apply if you don't have a 3.75+/510+ application. It's risky as you can't apply anywhere else but same time..the odds are in your favour
  8. You get visas to work in the US, however some schools give out very restrictive visa types (J1), where you need to come back to Canada for 2 years, so you need to be wary. I'm probably gonna find my soulmate and get my green card from them lol.
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