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  1. yes it does it if has their own credit and grades given.
  2. The things you mentioned are definitely good to do and continue. You might want to look into building some hobbies/skills or volunteer more in the community. Keep yourself involved in at least 2-3 different ECs outside of work maybe? The amount and type of ECs you need to be involved is not something that can be answered as its really diverse, but the more engaged you are the more it shows that you are a well-round individual. Check out the profiles of those that have been accepted to check out what an accepted student looks like (ofc don't get too overly attached, they are only a small group
  3. Best way would be to try to do another 2 years of undergrad, maintain 3.9+ and assess the situation from there. Is it worth doing an online undergrad? I honestly don't think so as you are missing out on the other big chunk of the application, which is ECs. Not saying you can't do those when you're doing an online undergrad, but you will be hindered. As you will be working to pay your mortgage, I'm assuming you won't have time to be involved, which possibly decrease your chances to get into EC focused Western and Queens schools. Have you tried looking at other professions in medicine outs
  4. Why so?: Grading curve doesn't have as many 4.0s than other universities per class. More focus on details in class contents What do they teach there?: Don't know what you meant, they teach the exact same things as other universities but harder tests and more details What program I took: Biology specialist (but it was basically a mix of normal biology and chemistry classes with one actual molecular biology class) What do you mean by "just keep your high gpa to get such opportunities"? : If you want research opportunities in Toronto and those big hospitals, you need to have a
  5. Sorry for the last reply, I applied to 6 Canadian friendly schools. Not sure what you mean by verifier's information, but if you mean EC sections, then yes you would have to wait till they say they can be your verifier, although I don't see why you couldn't submit before if you 100% sure they will say yes (like you know them and this isn't no random university staff)
  6. as someone that went to UofT and excelled (3.9+), don't go to UofT. UofT isn't Harvard, there is no prestige in medical school admissions in Canada. Pick the easiest university so you can chill during your studies and explore/build ECs/have fun. Lots of students that do high end research in Toronto come from other universities, just keep your high gpa to get such opportunities
  7. Sorry just to clarify, although I say your pretty screwed, doesn't mean you have zero chance. If your personal statement and non academics is solid, then yea you could be the few that get in at this time. If you have the money shoot your shot. And also just realized my error in my previous post sry, I submitted my primary mid-June, got approved mid-July and submitted secondaries a day after. I would say my personal statement was mediocre, not the best of my work though I worked hard on it and got it reviewed. Your application does not get delayed if references aren't submitted before you
  8. I would say pretty screwed, I didn't get any US interviews and I sent primaries mid-July last cycle....513/3.94. Edit: I actually sent primaries mid-June, approved mid-July
  9. I'm in the same situation as you, no interviews this cycle, unsure if I should be continuing to apply. I might just go to the US and get over with the Canadian admissions, screw debt . I think there is too much hype on CARS and the way you're ABS/essay is structured (outside of GPA). You could have amazing impact in your EC's but if they are not worded the way adcoms want to see it it doesn't matter. I had the same issue, had no medical students look over my essays (all 4 medical students said they were busy, what are the odds...). I'm probably going to get a professional medical application
  10. Man I overloaded my summer with 2.5 FCEs after second year with orgo + lab, physics I & II + lab, and a 1 FCE summer research project with a 70 page research paper....this is no bueno. Still fortunate I only dropped 0.02 all that being said based on everyone else dropping much more. They should institute such policies after 1-2 years of said policy... And yes I agree that this policy does help those with higher GPAs (>3.90) in the first place than those that have lower GPAs. Not really equitable of a policy as they say.
  11. Finished my undergrad at UTM with a 3.94 cGPA. Still regret it and would have went to Mac or Western if I had known about forums before undergrad. Wish I had listened to my parents lol. University is about exploring new experiences and learning, UofT sucks that out of you when you have to study more than your peers. Definitely recommend for graduate studies or non-premed pursuits though. Regards to UofT St. George, UTM is easier, but harder than other universities.
  12. Should be fine if it's like the first week of June, but anything after you're going to be at a very bad spot. US follows a rolling admissions system, and so chances significantly reduce the longer you take to submit your application, as an international student.
  13. Been in a similar position. Don't declare an upcoming MCAT score or some US med schools will wait for it to come out before giving you an interview, which is a death sentence for internationals. Submit application first then book the test. AAMC will automatically upload your MCAT scores once they come out, and will be considered by the schools. I can't help you with what happens after this as I haven't been at this stage lol, but if you do get a lower score your screwed, but if its really high you should be fine. Previous sentence you might want clarity directly from med schools.
  14. Hi, Sorry to say it, but the US looks at all your undergrad years, including those from your first calculation. Without calculations, your GPA would be somewhere 3.0-3.3, which is much lower than average US citizen matriculant, and you need to have much higher stats as an international. The chances are really slim, in my opinion. It's not easy to go from 3.3 to 4.0 suddenly so there's that.
  15. I'm looking into emerg, gen surg, or other surgical specialties, if graduate from a US medical school. Not trying to get a J1 and return back, so hoping the H1B prospects are still high nowadays.
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