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  1. Thank you for this number ! I’m a second time applicant. I didn’t get in despite having a higher GPA this time around ! I guess I wasn’t meant to be an OT.
  2. Did everyone applying to OT get an email from western making sure their account is up to date to check for offers? Trying to see if this was sent to everyone ! I didn’t get this email last time I applied !!!
  3. I don’t see this! Are you a U of T student ? Does this mean I’m rejected from U of T if I don’t see this ??
  4. My sGPA is only 3.68 and my cGPA is a 3.3. Does anyone think I have no chance this year? I really don't know if I have a chance if I was waitlisted for MMI and everyone else seems to have super high GPAs
  5. If I got rejected for a MMI Mac interview, what are my odds of even getting in OT school this year ? Do I have a shot or long shot ?
  6. Anyone receiver an acceptance or rejection? I still haven’t received either. If people deny the interview do they hand more out or doesn’t work like that ?
  7. I calculated my gpa but orpas has it signficiantly lower than I anticipated. I’m sitting at a 3.7 :( do I even have a chance ?
  8. What number of upper year courses need to be in your last 20? I'm currently taking 5 courses that range from first and second year courses to raise my average so I'm worried!
  9. Hello everyone! This is my second time applying to OT school and I needed some clarifications. I’m currently upgrading courses and someone has told me that upgrading and taking first and second year courses will make me look like a less attractive applicant to them. Is this true ?? I called u of t and I get a different answer each time I speak to someone.
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