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  1. The online student loan application should open up next week. I think that is my next step. There is also a mountain of laundry in front of me. You are more than welcome to help out with that!
  2. I hear you! I studied for the MCAT while working a full-time job and raising my kiddos! 1. My trick was to study in small bursts. I spent two - 30 minute blocks studying each day. It may take you a bit longer to cover the material than you had originally planned, but it will get you there. You can add additional 20-30 min blocks as you build your stamina. 2. Take practice exams. This was the best way for me to really find out where I was strong and where I was weak. I worked up from doing one exam section at a time until I could concentrate for the entire 4 sections of the exam. http
  3. Usually students from other years of the program join. It is a way for new students to connect with others who you will be seeing (someday!!) in the hallways.
  4. For all of my non-trad friends out there, I want to be as open and honest about my journey as possible. So, here it goes: Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.98 (I used the 10-year exclusion rule. This means that anything older than 10 years is removed from your GPA calculation, as long as you have completed two full-time undergraduate years within the past 10 years. I guessing that my overall GPA would have been closer to 3.3). MCAT: 510 (128 cars). I wrote the MCAT in 2018, 15 years after completing my undergraduate degree in science. (Yes, I am that old). Needless to s
  5. They must like us oldies! Can’t wait to meet you!
  6. Go! Dr. P, Go! *I have removed the screenshot, as the post has been removed from the blog.
  7. I JUST had a verifier contacted. Response was requested by Thursday.
  8. It is U of C policy (as per waitlist email last year) that they do not tell you your position, nor indicate likelihood of receiving an offer. They said in the past, waitlist movement has varied from offers being given out to 35 - 70% of those on the list.
  9. They are sprinkled throughout the comments sections of Dr. P’s posts since interviews were cancelled. I can’t be sure, but I feel that some of them may have been removed.
  10. I was very disappointed in the posts. It was frustrating to see those comments coming from fellow MD applicants. I couldn’t imagine what Dr.P was feeling/thinking as he read them. Then I began to worry about how those comments were reflecting upon us as an applicant pool!
  11. I imagine most of these were resolved prior to interview invites being sent out.
  12. I doubt it, as verifiers were told to have their responses in by today (mentioned above somewhere). But wouldn't that be nice?!
  13. How much time from when the offer tab showed up to when you got the email?
  14. Morning would be nice . Last year it was around 2:30 pm.
  15. I watch YouTube videos of first year med students in their cute apartments and all of their time and space is THEIRS! No kids, no morgage, living right near campus... seems dreamy! Lol
  16. Thanks for your response! I don't feel that it is unproductive, as there are a number of us who are coming to this profession as older applicants and really need to weigh the financial, situational and emotional costs of "starting over," particularly if we have dependents. We all know how much effort is put into applying to medicine. I suppose I am trying to figure out when the scale tips towards it no longer being a viable option for the applicant or the school.
  17. Debate topic #1 : Should there be a maximum age for admission to med school and/or when is it time to move on? Let's keep it friendly.
  18. None for me yet. I had 2 last year at the end of April and was waitlisted. I know it is random, but I wonder if they would contact the same verifier a second time.
  19. Not gonna lie, I feel like I'm dreaming right now. Nothing seems real. Just purposelessly floating around in some time-space continuum.
  20. Instant panic every time I get an email, even though we have a week to go...
  21. Wait-list or regret? (if you don't mind sharing)
  22. Does anyone know if they keep a record of which verifiers they have contacted in the past? I know it is supposed to be a random process, but do you think they would contact the same verifier two years in a row or would they use notes from previous applications? Has anyone heard from their verifiers?
  23. From the 2018/2019 cycle: 17.1% of Alberta applications received an offer when all was said and done. There were 1241 IP applicants. This totals 212 offers. 14% of OPPs received offers. There were 312 OOP applicants. This totals 44 offers. (Edit: this is actually a bit high, because 312 = OOP + international applicants, so the number of OOP offers was a bit lower). Of course, all of this depends on available seats (2019, n =135). References: https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf https://cumming.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/4/Re
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