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  1. I would like to enjoy my weekend haha. The band aid needs to come off at some point!
  2. I was thinking along the same lines... let's be civil about this and stay calm.
  3. If not today, I feel like they will send the R's next Monday (21st) with invites on Wednesday (23rd) and Thursday (24th)...
  4. I've seen way too many people do this in the past as well... If trolling, I genuinely wonder why.
  5. Hello, I've applied to this year's cycle knowing that I will be able to finish my MSc degree before June of this year. However, I'm contemplating whether to stay in the MSc program and finish my 2nd year if I don't hear back. My supervisor has already confirmed with UofT that I will be graduating before the deadline; though, staying an extra year will allow me to publish as a first author. If I were to reapply next year (just planning ahead, in case I get a regret), would my application be scored negatively because I did not fulfill my "promise" on the previous application? Will it
  6. Maybe.. but maybe not. Sit tight my friend, the answer will come soon.
  7. Nothing as well. I wonder if they are sending invites/regrets in waves.
  8. I'm guessing there will be a second round of emails tomorrow?
  9. Hello, Could I get some information on the "Toronto Graduate Verifier" assignment under the referee section of the application? Thanks in advance!
  10. I agree... Also, since the interim stats are posted, can't we assume that the decision is already finalized?
  11. Tell me about it... I've been constantly refreshing my inbox since 8am.
  12. Hello, I forgot to submit a copy of my PR card due to being distracted by the system shutdown. Would Ontario med schools accept late submission of this document via SAM?
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