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  1. ^^ There is a hard cutoff for each of the sections, not the overall MCAT score. I had a 99-100th percentile mcat, a 3.99 GPA but got rejected due to my 127 CARS. I'm happy with the school I got into now but I just wanted people to know this so they don't get snaked out of 300$ like I did when applying to memorial,
  2. yea search University of Toronto Medical School - Class of 2023 (2T3) on fb
  3. this would be the biggest prank on 2019 if it was an admin error.... YouTube social experiment GONE WILD
  4. I'm posting this late, but just to let OOP students know as a warning, be VERY CAREFUL of applying to memorial with a low CARS score or a section score. I had a very high MCAT (520+) and a near-perfect GPA, but I didn't even get an interview because of my 127 cars. I called memorial, and they let me know that OOP interviews are purely based on academic standing and that they have section cut-offs that fluctuate every year, and tend to be around 128 for cars. This made me extremely angry as they did not state these section cutoffs ANYWHERE on their website, and made me waste hundreds of do
  5. stay positive folks, im an OOP student with an offer to UBC. I'm just waiting for OMSAS results to come out. Most likely, I will decline my UBC offer and free up a spot on the waitlist. I know a couple of other OOP friends in the same position, who are just waiting for OMSAS.
  6. Strange cause im an OOP student with a 523 (132/127/132/132) and a near perfect GPA, and i got nothing lol. do you think they set a cars cutoff of 128 this year for OOP?
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