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  1. Quick question for those who went with Scotia. Were you able to waive the monthly fees on the Scotia One debit card or is that a non-negotiable term where they just do not charge you if you have >3k in the account.
  2. If you are a member of the LGBTQS community, perhaps writing about that as an experience and tying in pride/commitment to LGBTQS community through the description? The diversity section was really meant for anything, so if you can write about your experiences in that regard then by all means include it.
  3. Don’t forget about the 132 in CARS required to critically assess the placement of cameras
  4. Average age of acceptance is around 23-24. Some of your classmates will be in their early 40s.
  5. New essays for this year seem way more relevant than last years. What are peoples thoughts? “Reducing the economic gap may be impossible without also addressing the gap in empathy.” ― Daniel Goleman. Why is this the case? How might healthcare professionals advocate to help reduce these gaps? Uncomfortable conversations, although difficult and even hostile at times, are not necessarily unsafe ones. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss a time where you had to partake in such an uncomfortable conversation and how you handled it. There are many relationships that have an inherent po
  6. I am trying to get my LOC through Scotia Bank and they require proof of enrolment which I can not get until classes begin in August. Is anyone else facing this barrier? My letter of acceptance was not sufficient.
  7. Go to the review and submit portion of OMSAS, then File--> Print --> Save as PDF
  8. Hey everyone, I want to order a transcript through OMSAS but the website keeps redirecting me to OUAC instead. Is anyone able to login or is it just me?
  9. I think last year was when Scotia bought MD financial and so they ran the promotion to get new clients banking with them. I doubt they will offer the same promotion again.
  10. From what I gather, it will likely just be more check boxes for the referee with some comment boxes (i.e This candidate is in the top 1%, 5%, 20% of the class; I believe this candidate will be well suited to practice medicine). UBC has this format although they allow a space at the bottom for an actual reference, but each question has a comment box that a referee can elaborate slightly on. I think the letters will follow a similar format, albeit very succinct and only ask questions where the referee can just check box rather than giving a detailed letter. I still think the reference lett
  11. I just called RBC and they said to wait until next week as there is a new promotion coming out for medical students and they could not tell me the details. Has anyone heard of this or have any insight?
  12. Honestly, when I found out my GPA was only 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, I almost just gave up. I realized my GPA would hold me back so I just grabbed the holy CanMed infinity stones - Cerulean Communicator, Carmine Collaborator, Lilac Leader, Salmon Scholar, Hazel Health Advocate, and a Purple Professional Stone. When I combined my CanMed infinity stones, I was able to overcome my GPA. I hope this helps!
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