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  1. I can promise you that if you apply broadly in Canada and do not get interviews, it is not your MCAT score holding you back. Either your GPA is not competitive or your EC's are lacking. 127 is sufficient for McMaster assuming you can do well on Casper. Do not re-write. I got 3 acceptances with a 126 in CARS in Ontario.
  2. I’ve been strongly considering it. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering what students prefer for taking notes in medical school. I am due for a new laptop (RIP 2009 MacBook) and wanted some insight on what is ideal for note taking. Another consideration is a tablet as well, I see a lot of people using those now. Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. I will be removing myself from the waitlist today. Good luck everyone!
  5. Result: Accepted to St. George Campus Timestamp: May 14th, 9:16 AM GPA: 3.96 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Good enough for all EC heavy schools Essays: I think they were pretty good. I worked very hard on them for 2 months and made sure my friends thought they were a good representation of me. Interview: 2 stations were good, and 2 stations I left thinking "Whelp, nice knowing ya UofT". Year: Masters done Geography: IP I never thought I would have a few offers given how poorly I perceived my own performance in the interviews. I wan't this to be a less
  6. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:43am GPA: 3.99 MCAT: 51x EC: Interesting and long term Geography: IP Interview: MMI was amazing, Panel was so bad I skipped the tour and drove home sad at how embarrassing it was Year: done masters Will likely accept this offer
  7. Add your stats to the pinned post with 24+ pages, this will get lost with time
  8. Result: Accepted Stream: English Time-stamp: 7:07 am wGPA: 3.92 CASPer: Who knows ECs: Extensive and long term. Interview: This interview felt amazing. The panel was incredibly kind, and never once put me on the defensive. Year: Completed Masters Geography: IP Edit: I have declined this offer, good luck to those on the waitlist, I have my fingers crossed!
  9. I can check my Solus (if I have one?). I have the Net ID from the interview, but is there a password too? or is it my DOB
  10. we are on Premed101. This site is the definition of neuroticism
  11. Again this may be purely an administrative error. Until I get an email, I am not considering this official (although I am lowkey freaking out)
  12. I couldnt figure that out lol for the interview so I gave up
  13. I have an Offer to Toronto, Ottawa and Queens on OMSAS. Not reading into this too much
  14. Waitlisted at 2:01 EST as OOP! Also, OFFERS ARE COMING OUT (they are starting with satellite campuses), can confirm friends are getting in.
  15. Timestamp: 2:01 EST Result: Waitlisted Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 91.7 MCAT: 51x Year: Done my masters ECs: Pretty good mix Geography: OOP Interview: I felt horrible coming out of that interview so I am very happy to be on the waitlist. Essay was very standard and easy to write about.
  16. Are regret emails staggered over a period of time? or are they all sent at once?
  17. Im just praying for a waitlist offer, that interview REALLY threw me off guard.
  18. With a 325 M line of credit, I think this will really augment the self-care aspect of medical school. We can all agree that every student needs their own private jet and yacht to succeed #self-care. Right now, I just could not picture taking anything less than 400 million for my line of credit, but with the 500$ Amazon card, I am tempted to settle for a lowly 325 million LOC. I guess the penthouse I wanted will just need to wait.
  19. There is no smoke and mirrors for the email headline. The email you want is "UBC Undergraduate Admissions:Offer of Admission - [Campus Name]"
  20. PST it seems rejections come out first around 8-9 am, waitlists are 10-11 am, and acceptances are around 1200. Gonna be a long day in Ontario for me.
  21. Very interesting. It seems like some changes are being implemented for the upcoming admissions cycle. Since their MCAT cutoff is already 125, I feel like they will either remove the MCAT entirely, or, just lower it to 124's. I guess we will get a glimpse of their intentions this upcoming admissions cycle.
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