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  1. Don't forget that these are averages. Just like how the OOP invite average was 91.44, which means we have some 95+ students, and some 85 students, the same goes for MCAT. I strongly believe UBC would not invite you to an interview if they knew you did not have a chance based on MCAT alone. I think it certainly has some weight, but there is no reason for a school to have students pay hundreds of dollars in accommodations, flight arrangements, and taxis to get to an interview and then have the school just disregard the applicant because of the MCAT score. If it is anything like Dalhousie's point
  2. My two friends accepted to UBC as OOP (first round, both VMP) had 88% and 90% averages with 514 and 513 MCAT, I really don't think the MCAT is weighted in such an aggressive manner that it will destroy an application. They ended up accepting their IP schools which to me tells me that with multiple offers, they excelled in their interviews.
  3. 259 students, approximately 54 will be at MAM campus, the rest at St. George
  4. Those are for postgraduate training! Here is for undergraduate in medicine https://www.ucc.ie/en/media/support/financeoffice/fees/UndergradFees201920V1.pdf
  5. For future reference: http://applymd.utoronto.ca/2018-–-2019-admissions-cycle-updates does monthly updates regarding the state of the application process. It appears nearly all files have undergone review, and they are now organizing the applicants by interview date. "We are entering the final phase of our file reviews; the process is nearing its completion for all applications received through OMSAS. In the meantime, we will continue to contact verifiers between the hours of 9AM – 5PM. Our first MPI day has concluded. The schedule for the MPI Day 2 is being finalized and is nearly f
  6. All you need is a passport and a bottle of water. Anything else will likely be locked away until the interview process is completed.
  7. It's still long distance unfortunately. My phone is associated with a US number and the costs will always be charged to the Canadian number
  8. Yes sir, you will get charged. Even text messages to US numbers despite being in Canada will be charged.
  9. There is no magic number or schedule that will prepare you for the interview. I can promise you that the questions designed in either the MMI or panel section will not enable you to have amazing answers for every question or scenario. My best recommendation is to write out your experiences and what you learned from each (match to CanMEDS competencies). If you want to be most prepared, I suggest working with a partner and asking the most absurd panel questions you might typically gloss over (I.e if you found a genie lamp and had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?). You can easily prepare for tr
  10. literally just means you cant access the scheduling service
  11. I don't know too much about the number of MMI stations, but panel can be anywhere from 9-15 minutes. On a rushed day, expect 9 minutes, and on a more relaxed schedule, you will have the full 15.
  12. Feb 6th. If you try to log into the portal right now the error message says it wont open until then.
  13. If people are wanting to take legal action regarding a single medical school rejection, then I think admissions is doing their job correctly in keeping you out.
  14. Password is ddmmyyyy with no dashes or spaces. You can do a test login through the link and you know you entered your information correctly when you get an error telling you access will not open until Feb 6th. If you did enter your information incorrectly, you just get a red message saying incorrect username/password.
  15. With any application review, there is subjectivity as to whether the person(s) reviewing your file resonates with your applications or not. This does not mean anything about your strength as a candidate for medicine or the school in particular. The fact you have a few interviews already is monumental and says a lot about your strength as an applicant. Do not take this rejection personally. Some people who have amazing stats receive no interviews, so I would focus your energy in the interviews you already have. Congratulations on the success though, that is amazing getting Canadian and top 10 U
  16. This is my third year applying (9 rejections, 1 interview), and with nothing changing, I received 4 interviews this year. I have absolutely no idea what the process is, but seriously do not give up. There is such volatility in each application year that I have decided there is no predicting each cycle.
  17. They always go into spam or promotions if you use Gmail
  18. Result: Invite!!!!!! Time Stamp: 9:39 am wGPA/cGPA: cGPA 3.78 (lol) wGPA: 3.99 Year: Masters finished MCAT: 51- ECs: Good enough for Uottawa, UBC (OOP) and UofT Geography: IP
  19. According to their Website: "We typically e-mail interview invitations at least two weeks prior to the interview date to allow you time to make appropriate travel arrangements. However, we may continue to e-mail invitations during the week leading up to the interview date in order to ensure all interview spaces are filled." which to my interpretation, unless someone cancels the very last minute, you will have at least two weeks notice.
  20. Correlation is not causation. Perhaps the mediator is those invited earlier received the February 25th date and those invited later were in March. Maybe it went by last name? I would not read into the timestamp of the email, that is making sense of a scenario that has no meaning.
  21. Be prepared for your interview questions to switch between English and French, answer in the language asked.
  22. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 12:39 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.92 Current year: Masters ECs: good enough for OOP UBC and UofT CASPER - Fine I think
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