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  1. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 9:20 EST Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: Unsure, 3.97+ depending on how its weighed Year: MCAT: *126 CARS* ECs: Pretty extensive. Volunteering for a number of years, research, sports, scholarships, etc! (feel free to dm if you want more details) Geography: OOP
  2. Invite! Time Stamp: 22/01/19 - 12:29 PM EST Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.97 or 3.98?? Current year: in UG ECs: Pretty extensive. Music, clubs, sports, volunteering at a few places, etc etc. Also research (no pubs or presentations yet) & scholarships. Casper: Noooooo idea. I'm a speedy typer (answered everything easily) and have a pretty good conscience lol
  3. Do those that submitted their applications for the earlier deadline have higher rates of invites? Or is there no difference?
  4. Did they say anything about when regrets will come out? Or would that be the same as invitations?
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