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  1. Result : Accepted Stream : French Timestamp : May 14 wGPA : 4.00 (second degree) Geography : IP Good luck to everyone else !
  2. You can email the faculty and ask about the cutoff, most of the time it is around 3.7 for the french stream I think !
  3. Invite !!! Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 1:11PM Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 4.0 (2nd degree, around 3.90 with both degree now) Current year: 4th year (2nd degree) ECs: Lot of research, hospital volunteering, some sports/ club activities - Probably a bit below average but a good focus on research Casper: I thought it went well, worst than my practices but still very solid !
  4. Hi, I was in a similar situation as you, having around 6.7/10 last degree. I would go with a second degree, I have now a perfect 4.0 for McGill and Uottawa, some universities are only going to look at your second degree. Even though your EC are amazing, I would try to cut them off a little bit and focus on studying !! If you need advices with studying and getting high GPA I can try to help !
  5. You might need to wait another year to apply (wait until the 4th year results are in). Even with Uottawa calculation, you would end up at 3,68 where the cutoff would be around 3,7 in the weakest stream. Writing a good MCAT and trying to get as close as 4.0 this year as possible would really help you !
  6. Hello, I know this is past the due date but I would like to add that you need both organic 2 class and organic 2 lab to get the prerequisite. Even though theses 2 class are 3 credits each, they are both needed for Organic 2 !!
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