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  1. Result: Accepted (Unspecified) Timestamp: Midnight (student portal) 2 yr GPA: 3.96 MCAT: (127/127/129) = 383 Interview: In-person. Felt really confident coming out, interviewers were really warm the entire time and often said things like "great, you answered the next part of the question already". Thought the questions were very straight forward and used personal examples to answer each. Really liked the pre-interview welcome. Geography: IP, non-SWOMEN Have declined this offer - good luck to people on the waitlist!!
  2. I also have a Western offer and interviewed at other Ontario school (Queens) and have nothing on OMSAS...button or offer
  3. I have an offer but it says campus is unspecified...what does that mean?
  4. No i didnt apply for scholarship, just admission to the program. They were contacted by phone.
  5. For those that interviewed this cycle, has anyone had additional verifiers contacted? I had one contacted today and just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat?
  6. I know the ABS for western is due Oct 15th ... did they specify a time?
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