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  1. I thought they were all great and fairly straight-forward, except for that one more...'personal' question. what was that!!
  2. Interesting... last year the requirements to interview for OOP were far more stringent and they interviewed 45. Wonder what that means? https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/2018 Admissions Statistics 5-Year Summary.pdf
  3. Does anyone recall how many OOP interviewed this year?
  4. Mine had the stopwatch app on his phone running in full view. found it pretty distracting!
  5. yeah, i don't see how normalization could be justified if each assessor only sees a miniscule fraction of the applicant pool
  6. omg same. really felt like I couldn't be myself. had some extremely stupid answers and just did NOT connect with the panel. had to leave afterwards when everyone was talking about how well it went!
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